Top 10 Email Marketing Automation Tools

Top 10 Email Marketing Automation Tools

Are you willing to automate your bulk email campaigns?  Expert marketing analyst knows that using the correct tools is important for creating a proper campaign that converts. With respect to this blog, we will cover the top 10 bulk email campaign tools to complete the task successfully.

At the scenario when online marketing is growing to include lots of varieties and mediums, email marketing still is the one among the top ROI that every business expects.

Please find below some of the following statistics on email marketing automation:

  • The organization that is going to send automated emails are 129% probably to send relevant messages according to a clients purchase cycle than those who send general category – Lenskold and Pedowitz Groups
  • The email marketing tool is used by 80% of Organization – Ascend2
  • Automated email messages create a 68.7% higher open rate and a 149% more CTR than actual marketing messages – Epsilon Email Institute
  • 92% of the firms utilizing marketing automation are willing to invest in email marketing – Regalix

These are simply demonstrated stats that show the profit of doing email marketing & automation specifically. There are lots of other data points.  Anyway, the bottom line is this. In case you are doing the excel at email campaign this year, you have to use the tools that should enable you to automate your campaign

Below are the best email marketing automation tools that you must think in the upcoming months.

Drip Email Tools


The active campaign enables you to make drip emails that are subscriber oriented interaction, interests, behavior, location history. Through this tool, you can automate the complete lifecycle of the client.
If you want you can use Active campaign Tags plus GSearchNetwork Pvt Ltd to activate drip campaigns on the client’s behavior on your site. 


One of the most crucial aspects of refining the drip email tool is aiming the correct audience. With Sendloop, you will coordinate lists into very accurate campaigns and identify their movements into your website to tailor your messaging in the upcoming days.


From the name itself you can understand Drip is an app developed to place the drip email process. It is an interesting tool that packs quite the punch. The app functions email gathering technology,  prior made template & drag & drop facilities for usual creation.


Mailchimps enables you to send drip emails to follow up depends on website activity, it adds to carts, activities etc. You can avail MailchimGroupsto shoot drip emails as per the subscriber chose in for and even depends on the inbox that audience opts on your selecting form.


Emails of texts are obviously monotonous and in the current scenarios images are also becoming irritating and in case you want to rigorously spice up your emails, then you should think of utilizing BombBomb to create video powered drip emails.


Popularly known as a place to sell online products & services, Gumroad now has an email functionality the allows you to gather & store prospective clients with running customers. You may then allocate depends on lots of functionalities  & send updates regarding your products.


Along with assisting automate quality email drip campaign tasks, Infusionsoft provides a general task manager. The ‘MY DAY’ functionality displays you which appointments you have for the day in addition to contacts you need to follow up with. You can also allocate your website audience in Infusionsoft depends on their traits on your website by using + Infusionsoft Tags.


You know that email is a nice to generate a good number of leads. Usually, 2 messages sent with the same target keeping in mind. Knowtify knows this and provides you an easy direction to launch drip campaigns based on the transactional, behavioral emails.

Email Newsletter Apps…


Recently did you added an assemblage of latest subscribers to your email list then instead of taking seriously with the assemblage of old emails, you can make use of Aweber’s Follow Up functionality to earn subscribers fastly.

You can also classify your audience depends on the what they selected into your site by using “ad tracking” feature + GSearchNetwork Pvt Ltd.


If you’re like most people, your email newsletters are sent at predetermined times. Shouldn’t they be integrated into your calendar then? GetResponse’sautoresponder tool uses drag and drops features to make calendar management a breeze.
You can also send highly targeted autoresponders to subscribers based on how they got on your email list using GetResponse Campaigns + GSearch Network Pvt Ltd.

If you are also among the common people, your email newsletter is sent at a fixed number of times. Must not they collaborate into your calendar then?  Get Response autoresponder tool assists drag and drop function to make calendar management a gust. You can also shoot mostly aimed autoresponders to subscribers depends on how they got in yours.


In case you want in getting initiated with one, give GSearch a try. It has everything you expect to get targeted leads and segment them proper into your automated campaign.

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