14 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms to Increase your Campaigns

14 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms to Increase your Campaigns

A lot has already been spoken and written about the quick growth of influencer marketing in the last few years. As we are seeing influencer marketing evolve into an important niche by itself, the concepts and ideas of influencer marketing are progressively getting distilled to make them more useful. Broadly speaking, companies wishing to do influencer marketing can either use influencer marketing agencies or influencer marketing platforms. Platforms can be used beneficially by both marketers as well as influencers themselves.

What exactly is influencer marketing? It is when you the person you get to speak about your brand on the internet is a well-respected expert on the subject, almost like a celebrity endorsement. The difference between an internet influencer and areal world celebrity is that the latter group consists of people who are generally accepted as celebrities. But it is not so easy to agree on who a good internet influencer is. And that is where influencer platforms fulfil a pressing need of helping identify such influencers by getting companies and influencers on a single platform.

The problem with the influencer marketing space is that it has grown exponentially in the last few years, and therefore the boundaries and definitions of influencer marketing agencies and influencer marketing platforms are sometimes not so well defined, and there are some overlaps. That’s the reason why we were a bit confused by some of the names when we got down to compiling this list of the top influencer marketing platforms. We will leave it to you to judge which are agencies which shouldn’t feature here.

Content BLVD

This is a great tool for product based brands to utilize the reach of YouTube. The brands which use this platform get connected to creators of YouTube videos and ride those videos to spread the word about their products. The process of making the match starts with YouTube video creators making a full year calendar of their upcoming videos and the interested brands seeking out those videos to find which ones would have a synergy with their products.

The process works backwards as well, with companies and brands listing their products on the BLVD marketplace, so that YouTube video makers can see if any product has a possible synergy with a video they are making or planning to make. If that is so, then they can route a sample request to the company through BLVD, and if the company/brand accepts, they would share a sample. Both sides of the story are unpaid, so it works only on the correct match between video makers and product owners.

Content BLVD does recognize that no one logs on to the internet to watch advertisements, so they also focus on fun filled yet informative content which can make sense for a product to align to. The success of this model has ensured that more than 6000 You Tube video makers and 3000 brands are tied in to BLVD.


This is an influencer marketing platform which allows companies and marketing agencies to get their blogger network on a shared platform. This group would also include web journalists and social media influencers. Once this right set of influencers is put together by a brand, the company can then start focusing on targeted activities which would benefit both sides. In order to keep this influencer list current and relevant, a series of PR activities would be conducted.

Just like a company maintains a customer relationship management system, this platform would help a company to maintain profitable relationships not with customers but with its network of journalists and bloggers. This set of influencers would then be harnessed to carry relevant messaging to the target audience.


This platform has been around for more than a decade and half, and it uses a paid model for its set of bloggers. The users of this platform can use this as a cloud based software as a service model.

We no longer go through reams of text in newspapers today. We log on to websites using our computers or phones, and scroll through a few pages of text. Even there, too much of text puts us off, and we prefer to look at images to get the story. IZEA is a publicly listed company, and has become a very popular platform because of the well thought out model. The client can use this platform to compile an exhaustive list of influencers for each of whom IZEA allocates a score depending on their follower size and their reach. This list of influencers also contains real celebrities and professional journalists.


This platform scours the digital footprint of influencers across several social media platform and curates the list of such influencers that would best suit your purpose. You get to choose from over 10 million listed influencers across scores of niches, along with useful details about their own demographics and the demographics that they are best wired to. You can choose to search for the influencers best suited for you by their name (if you already know whom you are looking for) or by specific demographics of your target audience (like age, location, interests etc.).

When you use this platform, you can see how well they have harnessed the power of current and relevant data to come up with useful insights about the effectiveness of specific influencers. You can use this tool’s smart search function to slice and dice your targeted influencer list by several parameters to come up with a list most suited to you.


This platform primarily focusses on bloggers, and its two variants are Reachr and Publishr. Reachr helps companies to seek out influencers who would create favorable content for their products. They have registered thousands of industry-specific bloggers in their database, and if you are looking for a blogger, you can search by industry vertical to get better matches. In Publisher, you can go beyond attractive content and initiate embedded advertising of their brands. You can find lots of background information about those writers, which would help you find the perfect fit. This platform can help you work simultaneously with several writers, and would help you with the annotations for those articles.

Apart from multitasking with more than one writer at once, this platform would also help you track the performance of those writers, according to which you can tweak your campaign. One of the great attractions of Upfluence is its humongous database of over 500 million pieces of content spanning all the popular social media platforms. Upfluence also has a dedicated search engine for social media, and they call it Façade.


Prospective buyers looking for information about specific products usually use this platform, so if you are looking to pitch your company and its products, this product discovery platform is good for you. This platform not only attracts people looking for information, but they also feature user reviews by members, so if you get good product reviews here, it can help you influence other buyers. The numbers are pretty impressive, and this platform has already notched up more than 4 million active members, most of whom have a healthy presence on different social media platforms, multiplying the reach of their comments.

This platform has already generated more than 25 million reviews of different products. You can also browse through the more than 6 million question and answers provided by both users and experts. Although you might think at first look that it has mostly reviews of beauty and body care products, but when you browse the categories you will realize that they cover a wide range of product categories.


This is the oldest influencer marketing platform in Asia, and it is still the largest in this part of the world. It is also a common platform for brands and influencers, but the advantage for companies is that they get lots of help here to identify the correct influencers for their brands. You might be wanting to simply increase general awareness of your existing brand, or you might be planning the formal launch or relaunch for your brand, for both scenarios this platform would prove pretty useful. You can take advantage of the thousands of bloggers and influencers on this platform, just like the 400 odd brands who are already connected to this platform.

The influencers on this platform (vloggers, micro bloggers and bloggers) are encouraged to try out different products and provide their feedback and reviews. The fact that this platform actually goes and arranges paid blogs (sponsored) makes it worth their while as well. The platform also helps bloggers track their payments. If you are a product company which wants to generate internet traction for your brand with the help of independent influencers, then Blogmint would work just fine for you.

Grapevine Logic

The one thing that sets this platform apart from the others is its simplicity. You will love its simple WordPress format to propagate your brand and products among the product reviewers enlisted here. You can utilize the analytics functionality of this platform to look for the most relevant influencers for your brands.

Although the greatest focus of this platform is on the creators of YouTube videos, but you can also use it to reach out to potential adaptors on Instagram (which also uses pictures, not just videos). If you are offering sponsorship opportunities to influencers of this platform, you can rest assured that they would have a great reach, because Grapevine insists on at least 5000 Instagram followers or 10000 YouTube subscribers for an influencer before he or she can participate in your drive.

Apart from this minimum cutoff criteria, Grapevine also reassures you by providing great detail about all the influencers you are thinking of tying up with, so you can be sure that they are the kind of influencers you are looking for.


They call themselves an outreach marketing and management platform, and it actually helps influencer marketing agencies zero in on perfect content as the vehicle for their promotions on social media platforms. This platform would trawl through thousands of blogs (actually the platform claims to have over a million blogs in their database!) to zero in on those which would help your purpose.

That done, they will help you to reach out to those relevant influencers, develop healthy relationships with them, and later track the performance and impact of those influencers on your brands. The decision on who the most relevant influencers would be for you wouldn’t be on the basis of premeditated bias or on reputations. They use heavy duty analytics and specific searches on Twitter biographies to gauge the effectiveness of specific influencers.

You can slice and dice this data to decide who would be the best influencers for you. Once the list of influencers has been finalized by you, InkyBee would help you reach out to those chosen influencers and develop deep relationships and engagement with them.


This is actually a software which can help you meet influencers and get into deep professional relationships with them. This software also has an app which can be installed on your smartphone, making it easy to access at all times. Your end-to-end requirements can be fulfilled using this platform, from designing your influencer plan, vetting possible influencers, reaching out to your chosen list, and finally tracking the progress of your relationships and success of your campaigns. Because this is an opt-in platform, you are assured that only the best and most relevant influencers would be part of this platform.

For a company too, there is a screening process in place which you need to clear before you can become part of this platform. This screening process ensures that only the most relevant influencers and marketers come together on this platform. They would provide you with detailed analytics regarding all influencer’s InNetwork score which would take into account the traffic and quality of interaction of the social media profiles of those influencers.


This influencer marketing automation platform to allow companies to identify the right influencer so that the correct messaging about their products can be conveyed to the correct customers. The advantage of this platform is that it helps you piggyback the popularity of real influencers to get your messaging across. This platform came into being five years back from an erstwhile banner ad selling company called Blog Frog.

The basic package of this platform, called TapExchange, is more of a DIY offering, where the companies who use it can develop their marketing plans by themselves using inputs from the experts at TapInfluence. You can also go in for an additional package called TapFire to increase the reach of their marketing efforts. Like most other platforms, TapInfluence helps you in the selection of correct influencers and in reaching out to them, and also provides analytical support to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns.

But another additional service it provides is to help you manage multiple marketing campaigns simultaneously. The influencers you will work with on this platform are all there by invitation only, so you can be assured of the quality.


If you are looking for the perfect influencer set to promote your products and brands on your behalf, you can use the services of this social media marketing and influencer engagement platform to make the best use of social media traffic to push your brands through. The strong point of this platform is that it depends solely on hard data for its recommendations, so you can be assured that there would be no bias in the advice you are getting. The eyes and ears of Zoomph are on the millions of small and big conversations taking place on social media, and it picks up the trends from these conversations, allowing it to measure how impactful different marketing campaigns have been.

Almost none of the social media platforms are left out by Zoomph. Depending on which price point you have opted for, the names and numbers of social media platforms you could keep track of would be decided. This platform would also help your brand to seek out similar communities where you can participate in meaningful conversations.


The immense benefits to a brand of competent content creators cannot be emphasized enough. This platform allows you to achieve that easily, by bringing together well known products and widely followed influencers. You can easily seek out the best influencers in the genre and connect with them using this platform. Relevant content that promote your brand can be shared by those influencers on all their outlets, including their social media profiles.

You have the choice of selecting your influencers from more than 2 lakh influencers who are associated with this platform. Your brands would be visible only to those influencers who meet a certain criteria of reach (like YouTube views or Instagram followers) and who gets through the designated review process, so you can be sure that your brands are being handled by the right influencers.

You can search manually for influencers using specific filters, or you can use the QuickMatch tool on Revfluence to get the correct match with the right influencers. Apart from influencer search, you would also get help with this platform’s campaign management tools to manage multiple campaigns at the same time.


You will get the right connect with the right influencers when you sign up for Zuberance. On a single platform you can find the best influencers your business would need, and also run your multiple marketing campaigns seamlessly. Once you have run your campaigns, or even when those campaigns are actually running, you can keep track of the efficacy of those campaigns and get insights on what modifications might be needed.

Zuberance pays special attention to instances of negative reviews or anti-advocates, because it firmly believes that one negative review pulls you back by as much as 30 positive reviews would have accelerated your progress. In case you are looking for Advocate Reviews without having to pay for them, you should opt for Zuberance. They would help you host reviews on the most well-known third party sites and on social media platforms. The high quality analytics of Zuberance would help you understand how effective your campaigns are.

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