15 Places Where You Should Share Your Blogs

15 Places Where You Should Share Your Blogs

The digital world today is a real tower of Babel, with a million voices vying for attention. In this scenario, if you need your voice to be heard, just writing a good blog and waiting for people to come and read it and like it, just won’t be enough. The hard work of writing a blog is just the beginning. As soon as the blog is completed and published, the real work of promoting it begins.

The two most common and popular avenues for promoting blogs are Facebook and Twitter. Most bloggers use these two social media platforms to push their blogs, but after doing that, they often get stumped. They do not realize that there are a large number of other avenues out there for promoting their work.

Let us give you a list of 15 such places where your blog should be shared :

Triberr : A blogger who joins this social media platform becomes part of a ‘tribe’, and the RSS feeds of all members of that tribe display the blogs or other posts there. This ‘multiplier’ effect of Triberr is its biggest advantage. The traffic generated by this platform increases very rapidly, and it mostly consists of fellow bloggers and other influencers who can quickly increase the reach of your blog if your content is relevant and meaningful.

Pinterest :This platform has more than 200 million active users each month, and those users together carry out a huge number of searches. In a typical Google search result page, Pinterest boards are very likely to feature very high up on any search, and so if you put up a relevant picture on your Pinterest account with a link to your blog, you are very likely to draw traffic to your blog.

LinkedIn Groups :  This option gives you the perfect balance between getting solid and dependable organic traffic and staying cost effective. These Groups are a collection of members with common interests where you can share your blogs with subject matter experts as well as potential clients or partners.

This would provide exposure of your blog to the specific industry or segment you are interested in. Because this is more professional than other platforms, it would be better if you first verified whether your Group allows/welcomes sharing of content. If you get the reputation of being a spammer, your brand would be hurt more than getting benefited.

SlideShare : This is one of the 100 most visited websites in the world, and it allows you to create and upload PowerPoint slides. It is also a LinkedIn product like the earlier one, so it enjoys this mammoth popularity, and the traffic it attracts is of higher quality. You can repurpose your blog as a presentation before uploading on to the website. The good thing is that very few businesses and companies have begun to use SlideShare, so you will find it easier to stand out.

Blog Engage : This is a popular bloggers’ community where you can upload your blog for getting extra visibility. You can also get useful backlinks if your content is of interest to the experts or influencer websites.Each blog uploaded here is put to vote and readers can decide which blogs they like more. This platform doesn’t bar any topic, therefore every niche writer can use it.

Reddit :It is traditionally looked upon as a platform for heavy duty geeks or crazy gamers, but there is more to Reddit than that. There are hundreds of subreddits on every conceivable topic, so it is easy to locate the subreddit most compatible with your blog. You only need to make sure that you are always ‘upvoted’ by the rather picky users of Reddit, because if you are ‘downvoted’, then the purpose of sharing your blog there would be lost.

Scoop.it : This is a website that specializes in content curation. The best content on the internet is put in there by users, who are said to have ‘scooped’ it there. If you are able to get your articles collected into a newspaper style format, you could easily catch the attention of other users of this site who might be looking for interesting content, and they in turn could help propagate your blog further.

BizSugar : This is less mainstream than the more renowned sites, but its results often surpass the results of well-established websites and social media platforms. You can use this website to promote yourself and your blogs. You can take advantage of the business tips and tricks shared by fellow bloggers, and if you can provide such tips, then your blogs can gain quick popularity here.

Google+ Communities: You need to first have a Google+ Business page, which is very much like making a Facebook business page. Based on the category of your business, you can post your blogs and other content to the specific community inside Google+. Since this is a community under Google, you would need to be wary of the search engine algorithms, and also avoid sounding too much like a self-promotional piece. Relevant and useful content in your blogs can help your content gain traction.

StumbleUpon : This is another popular content creation website with a reported 15 million people using it. The visitors to this website need to click the ‘Stumble’ button here to visit different websites, which looks like a ‘like’ button in the shape of a thumbs up. For a certain number of websites you like or stumble, you can stumble one of your own blogs. Of course, if your content is riveting, then others too would stumble your blogs. This would improve the reach of your blogs.

Instagram : We spoke about Pinterest earlier, and Instagram is a similar platform where images are shared with other users. The strength of Instagram lies in the demographics of its users, and if you want your blogs to reach out to teens and youth, then Instagram is a great forum to promote your blogs on. That’s why 86% of top brands use Instagram to promote themselves.

Visual.ly : This is the final word on infographics and any visual content. You can convert your blogs into a series of infographics and share it on this site. That’s why this would work for you only if your blog deals with data and numbers. But once you do that, your blog can find quick exposure.

Industry Specific Social Networks : If you are into travel bookings, then your blog getting viewed by someone in the pharmaceutical industry might not really be too useful for you. That is why it makes much more sense for you to target social networks which have been created specifically for certain industries. You need not restrict yourself to one such network, though. If you are in the travel industry, you could target travel networks, hospitality networks, urban guide networks etc.

Specific Niche Sites : There are several bookmarking sites which cater to specific niches. Your blog would find it useful to be promoted to certain niche sites which are aligned to the areas your blog talks about.

Mailing List : If you are a regular blogger you would have built up a valuable set of followers. You can share your new blog with this list whenever you post a blog. Depending on your frequency, though, you might want to send weekly or monthly updates so that you don’t end up bombarding their mailboxes at a frequency which forces them to unfollow you.

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