4 Ways to Engage with Customers on Social Media

4 Ways to Engage with Customers on Social Media

Why to Engage with Customers on Social Media

I heard from many businessmen that, Why to engage with customers on social media! Also, What is the relevancy of social media engagement since we are advertising our brand through various channels!

Customers are the backbone of any business. You might be having the best traditional marketing team or excellent support team. But if you don’t have any leads or customers, it might be difficult to survive in the market. So it is important for every business to get new customers and revisits of the existing customers. I mean to say that, you must engage with them through various channels so that people keep comes and generate leads. When we consider the channels where we are able to monitor the engagement of our customers on a regular basis, social media is one of the most powerful channels without costing many pence. Also, the engagement on social media is much more transparent than the other engagement channels.

How to Engage with Customers on Social Media

In my 6 years of social media marketing, I have seen n number of companies grew their business with social media marketing. Out of that 30% of the owners, they created an empire for themselves through social media without spending a single rupee. They just spent only two hours every day in front of the system and it created a miracle in their social media campaign after few months or a year later for their business. So I would like to share those experience with you if you are an online marketer. Here I will give you some of the best tips out of that to engage with customers on social media.

1.Interact Directly 

Nowadays, you can see a direct interaction from Airlines, retail brands or hotels through social media after availing their services. Initially, they take your evaluation of their services. Later, they start informing you about their latest news or discount coupons through the same media. If I am not wrong, it repeats again and again. What they are trying to do? It is nothing but they are trying to engage with you directly. Instead of sending a bunch of promotional messages or emails, they are trying to interact with you directly and offer their service according to your requirements.

Direct interaction is the best way to engage with customers on social media. Ask them, take an evaluation, offer them, take the surveys again, repeat it with existing and new customers. Your business will see the magic.

2.Take Suggestions and Feedback

If you are into online business, instead of doing a lot of trail and error, take a feedback from your social media followers about your products or services. Ask them directly, you may get hundreds of suggestions. Negative comments are also included. But take it in a positive way and reply them. But do not hurt their ego. After receiving all the suggestions, do something creative.

But here you are making your followers as your partners. Building trust and sense of ownership. It will work out to engage them 400%.

3.Educating your Followers
It is another form of engagement. Whenever you do any new creativity such introducing new products or service, try to educate them about your product or services. While writing Edu topics, you must include its cons. There you will be successful to engage your audience.


It might be difficult to stay online always. But be consistent to your post and follow-ups.  Answer them frequently. Customers are your bread and butter. Do not neglect them. Update them with the new contents. Make them to engage.

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