Channelizing your prospects through your sales funnel with Buying Keywords

Channelizing your prospects through your sales funnel with Buying Keywords

Any business would want to break even and reap profits at a faster pace. Especially, if you are running an online business or an ecommerce store! You would want to turn your audience into prospects and eventually turn your prospects into customers and customers into repeat customers.

So how would you make this business proposition possible? All this boils down to having an effective content strategy in place.

In a broader sense this would narrow down to conversion of online searches into transactions. This translates to indentifying the intent or purpose of an online search. The intent would vary from just knowing about something, help find a solution to a problem or execute a purchase or a sale. The transactional aspect is the one which any business would like to tap into.

An effective strategy would be focus on a typical buyer journey that helps you weave the content in a manner that leads to conversions.

Understanding the Buyer Journey

A typical buyer journey would comprise of these three phases

  • Discovery and Understanding of a product or service
  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Consideration and transacting the purchase

In a discovery phase the buyer might not be immediately interested in buying the product. So you must focus on content that educates the user of the pros and cons and how the product or services is going to benefit them in the long run. Here you must restrict yourself in providing educational content such as Blogs, Videos, Info graphics, questioners and solutions to understand the intent of the user.

In an Analysis and evaluation mode you can get a little more aggressive taking them to specific landing pages and dishing out case studies, product demos, webinars, white papers, newsletters etc.

Once you have worked your way through these two phases you would have essentially built trust and made great inroads in striking a deal, making a transaction or providing a service. This is where you can target your user with buying keywords.

In essence your SEO optimized content plays a vital role in garnering organic traffic and completing a successful buyer journey.

Our Mantra for running successful Marketing campaigns

At GSearch, we believe that completion of a successful buyer journey comprises of

  • Gauging and understanding the purpose of each conversation initiated by your audience or prospect.
  • Evaluating the type of content that will go into each phase of your buyer journey
  • Proactively and progressively understand the buyer intent at each phase of the buyer journey
  • Lead them to the purchase of product or service.

To make all this happen you must have an effective understanding of the key words that will be interspersed in your marketing content that would work magic for you.

We at GSearch, use Alexa and Google ad words to help you device an effective content management strategy for all your marketing initiatives. We do the end to end management of all your marketing initiatives while you can sit back and focus on what matters to you the most.

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