Discover The Power Of Push Notifications Using Pushify

Discover The Power Of Push Notifications Using Pushify

An Overview Of Push Notifications

A push notification is the best way to communicate with visitors to a website or users of a website or an app. The visitor could be accessing the website from a mobile or tablet, or from his desktop or laptop. Push notifications are supported by almost all browsers in desktops and mobiles. The sender of such notifications can also use either desktop or mobile since these push notifications are supported by both. The push notification reaches the visitor in the form of a box that opens up on the screen, which is referred to as a pop up. He can choose to ignore it, but usually the notifications are engaging enough to warrant a click. Apart from the convenience of catching the visitor’s attention while he is browsing, push notifications can additionally have many more useful features, like the ability to schedule the notifications or target specific geo locations or segmentation of users, or a timeline feature. There are four parameters which allow us to gauge the success rate of push notifications, and they are – number of subscribers reached, number of push notifications sent, the rate of clicks on those notifications and the number of people who chose to unsubscribe.There are several types of communications that are done using push notifications – regular text messages, graphics messages, links to videos, clickable links to websites and links to forms. One user account (for sending push notifications) can be used to work for multiple websites, and all that needs to be done is to insert a small but useful piece of software code of JavaScript in your website.

Benefits Of Push Notifications

Benefits of Push Notification

• Both mobile and desktop users can be sent clickable notifications
• Direct visitors from across the world to your website
• Real time delivery of notifications
• Ability to notify recent updates
• Easy and quick to create
• Very engaging way of catching viewer’s attention

• Encourage return use by viewers
• High success rate
• Technical knowledge not needed for sending push notifications
• Users can be segmented easily on the basis of location
• Multiple types of messages can be sent – text, graphics, video and interactive
• Mobile app users could also be sent notifications
• Get more traction on your website

Pushify – A great tool for sending push notifications

We recommend using Pushify for all your push notifications. It is loaded with rich features without any extra cost. It allows you to create a unique social bookmarking page with necessary descriptions, which can then be connected to the social media pages of various companies. It supports all types of notifications – text, graphics, videos, and links – and you can select the one that best helps you engage with visitors on your websites. Even when you do not have a website of your own, you could use your social media pages to send these notifications using Pushify. If you use WordPress, you can download the Pushify plug in to allow you to send push notifications.

Apart from Pushify, two other providers of push notification services are Izooto and Moengage.

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