Double Search Traffic of Your Website with Advanced SEO Techniques

Double Search Traffic of Your Website with Advanced SEO Techniques
Remaining on top of SEO takes a great deal of research and experimentation. Google’s algorithms are continually refreshed so it’s vital to stay tuned into the most recent news.

Once your site starts to rank in the Google’s first page, you’ll get greater visibility and branding means more traffic and more sales which lead to growth in revenue.

Here are some advanced SEO techniques that you can use immediately to build search traffic for your website. Getting more traffic should enable you to convert over more individuals into clients as well.

Do SEO Audit for Your website

Auditing your site enables you to find why you’re lacking to get enough traffic and deals. Numerous SEO companies provide this service, in the world of SEO, auditing is a technique that will enable you to get and hold clients.

An SEO audit implies you’re closely looking at the overall performance of your site, defining new objectives in light of what you find, and implementing strategies to achieve those objectives. This procedure helps you grow your benefits by influencing the best utilization of the content you already have.

This may not seem like an advanced SEO strategy, but rather you’d be shocked what number of sites are missing basics of on-page SEO like page titles, descriptions.

Check These Below mentioned things during a website audit

Check #1: Do all your site’s pages contain SEO Meta titles and descriptions?

Check #2: Is each and every page of your site optimized for SEO Keywords?

Check #3: Is your website’s URL structure is optimized for web search engine?

URLs should be short and simple and also easy for a search engine to outline for what the page is all about.

Check #4.  Whether each page of website and blog post is properly formatted?

Check #5: Do all images on your website have keywords in their ALT Tags?

 Check #6: Does your content contain any links?

It includes both internal links as well as external links

 Realize what your clients need

You have to concentrate on what your target clients need. When you comprehend what they need, you can create content that attracts them.

Design SEO optimized landing pages

An attractively designed landing page can enhance lead generation and deals. Create more landing pages that help to open up more gateways for approaching search traffic.

 Ensure your site is mobile-friendly

It’s an essential factor site looks great and performs well on cell phones.

Increase traffic with infographics

Infographics are famous since they enable you to display complex data in a way that is easy to understand. Since 65% of individuals are visual students, a graphic attracts more realistic than only a content article.

Optimize Content

If you need to continue flourishing in search rankings, you should know about all the most recent Google algorithm updates and also SEO best practices.

Google’s third most essential ranking factor is an algorithm known as RankBrain.

Write maximum words

A key advantage of maximum content is that it will normally contain more significant keywords and rank for them.

Post significant content on social media

In the case your blog is new, it can be hard to rank well in Google indexed lists for high volume keywords because of Domain Authority, as well as Page Authority of your website, are still low.

In this case, to gain more traffic and credibility use social media platforms.

Page Authority implies the probability that your page will rank highly in SERP. A higher number means it will probably rank well.

This depends on a few elements: content length, keywords, links, readability etc.

Domain Authority is all about your entire site, or domain, ranking highly in SERP.

With regards to search engine rankings, to get a more grounded page authority, you should share your presentation on Scribd, Docstoc & Animoto as well. You’ll draw in new groups of audiences and lift your rankings from the extra links from these websites.

Find and utilize your rivals’ SEO keywords

Looking into your competitors is a brilliant move. When a majority of the diligent work of positioning in Google’s first pages already finished by your rivals?

You can see on similar keywords that they’re positioning for and use the same keywords to make better content.

Use different keywords in SEO page titles

Your SEO page title is the title that is shown in Google SERP.

You must see that each page title for every page & post on your site includes a keyword.

Examine Google Search Console details

Google Search Console is a capable tool to enables to track potential problems of your site that influence your rankings.

There are three primary things you need to check routinely in Search Console:

Looking for any crawl errors, as 404 pages

Submitting new sitemaps

See which keywords are used most by audience to find you


A blog is an effective brand promoting tool.

In a request to increase your blog’s potential, you need to ensure it gets found in search engine result page.

SEO achievement is tied in with giving valuable and relevant content to target customers of yours.

Above mentioned advanced SEO techniques are not so easy to implement they require more effort than basic keyword analysis, research & building links, by using these procedures can double your search traffic.

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