Excellent web hosting services of 2018

Excellent web hosting services of 2018

If you have a website or are planning to create one, its performance will depend on the web hosting service used for the same. Your website might be used for marketing your own profile, or it might be created for e-commerce, or it might just be created for dissemination of information. You need to start off by identifying what is its purpose at present. You also need to look at the future direction of your website, and accordingly plan for it as well as for the web hosting service.

There are many web hosting services, and they all offer different features. Your website, in its current or future avatar, might not actually use all those features. On the other hand, your site might need certain features which some web hosting services might not provide. That’s why the web hosting plan needs to be chosen with care.

This article will help you select the best web hosting service for you and identify the package which would be best suited for you. Whether you are looking for a new web hosting service for a new website or you want to look for better alternatives for your present web hosting service, this article will give you the best possible options.

Which Web Hosting Service Do We Rate The Best?
We looked for a web hosting service that would be able to do a good job for all kinds of clients. We wanted our choice to be good for e-commerce and also for text and graphics using WordPress. As per our assessment, the best web hosting service was InMotion. Following close behind was 1&1. We bring you below the details of both these services, and also all the other good ones we could find.

InMotion Hosting

Having been around for the last 15 years, this web hosting service would be familiar to experienced webmasters as well as those who are more recent. The reason they are still at the top of the game is because they have continuously innovating and reinventing over the last 15 years. The basic plan starts at less than $3 per month. Some of their other plans are Power and Pro, and the features covered by them are shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, and managed hosting. You could also opt for virtual private servers. Some of their attractive features are the free .com domain name you get, the unlimited disk space that you can use, integration with WordPress and free backup of your data and SSDs. You get uninterrupted technical support through night and day, and you get a 90-day assured money back guarantee period if you are not satisfied with what you get. If you are looking for pages that can load fast, InMotion would work fine for you. Overall performance of this service also is much better than others in the same class. The icing on the cake is that you get both cPanel and Softaculous panels in all the packages of InMotion.


In our view, this web hosting service comes in second in the list of the best. They have more than 70000 servers spread across Europe and North America, and have provided 19 million domains so far. 1&1 was founded in Germany and is easily the most popular service provider in Europe today. You get SSL certification with any package you choose. You also get WordPress hosting with these packages. That way, you get automatic updates, useful plugins, and much better tech support. The money back guarantee for this provider is only for 30 days. There are three packages offered. The basic one starts at a little more than $1 a month, and then you have Plus and Pro plans which could go up to around $9 a month. You might need some getting used to with the control panel.

Go Daddy

Although it comes in at #3 on our list of web hosting service providers, it is one of the biggest domain name registrar in the world. One of the most popular reasons people like GoDaddy is that when the website scales up, it is very simple for the webmaster to upgrade seamlessly. You can increase hosting capacity on demand when required.You have a choice of using the cPanel or the Plesk control panels. The basic package offered by GoDaddy can be yours for a year for $2.49 a month. There are several useful features available in this package, which include unlimited storage, free Microsoft Office Business email for a year, backup and restore facility free of cost as well as a free domain. The Linux based hosting with the help of cPanel is a very useful feature of GoDaddy. The seamless service, dependable security, and the quick responses from their team make GoDaddy’s offerings very popular.


This is a comparatively newer player in the web hosting services market, but they have gained rapidly in client recall, helped partly due to a high profile advertising campaign with celebrities. The website builder in Wix makes the task of creating a website very easy. The reason for this is that the program runs within the browser. That’s why there is no need to install any other software. The layouts in this web hosting service are very appealing to the eye. You can build on top of those templates. You have more than 500 templates to choose from. This website builder offers a lot of flexibility. Wix is free, but they also offer five other premium pricing plans.


This is another one of the more well-known names in the world of web hosting, and has been around for more than two decades. They are listed by WordPress as one of the recommended hosting providers for blogs using WordPress. The basic pack gives you a hundred email accounts, while the costlier packages give unlimited email accounts. Bluehost provides cPanel which can help you easily configure the website. You can choose to opt for dedicated or shared hosting, and you could also choose VPS, WordPress or Cloud hosting. Each type has different packages for you to choose from. Bluehost also makes it easy to set up a structure for e-commerce on your website. One of the strongest points of Bluehost is the security it offers.


This company has been around for 15 years, and today it hosts half a million websites around the world. The reliability of Tsohost comes from its cloud based infrastructure which ensures that no outage at any one location can cause problems. The websites hosted by Tsohost run on multi locational networks, because of which there are no disruptions in the service. If you are using a shared hosting service, you are assured of 99% uptime, and this assured uptime goes up to 100%if you are using virtual, private, dedicated or complex hosting. You get free backup, SSL certification, built in compatibility with Linux, and also a number of standard programming tools or databases. You are assured of dependable performance which is backed up by a 60 day money back guarantee.

HostGator Hatchling

This is one of the ‘budget’ options you can choose while looking for web hosting services. It uses cloud hosting for its clients, and has made several product improvements in the last 15 years and more during which it has been around. The 99.9% uptime that it promises is actually delivered consistently, unlike many competitors who promise more than what they deliver. You also get awesome page load speeds with HostGator. One big advantage you get is that upgrades to the website can be carried out seamlessly without having to reboot. This provider gives you unlimited storage and bandwidth, and there is no cap on the number of domains either. The customer service provided is very dependable, and you get great security as well. The basic package is so well stuffed with features that most of your requirements can be met with this package. You get 45 days in which to ask for your money back if you are not satisfied.

Comparison of Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting

There are three types of hosting services, and these are the differences between them.

1. A dedicated hosting service will run your website from a single server. If your website will have a large number of heavy-duty pages with heavy traffic volume, then you should go for a dedicated web hosting service. The large number of users referred to here would usually not be spread out over the day but are likely to be parallely using the website.

2. The exact opposite of the above is the Shared Web Hosting service, where the website is one of several others using the same server. For a website that is just starting off, this is a good choice because it is the cheapest. But in case the new site is expecting a sharp increase in traffic or if it will see several spikes within a day, then the shared web hosting service might not be the best choice for long.

3. This category gives some more bandwidth and performance to your website, at a cost slightly higher than the shared web hosting option. This type of web hosting gives more options to the webmaster and is slightly more flexible.

Apart from these 3 common types of web hosting services, you can also opt for either WordPress hosting or website builders. WordPress is a content management service which has become the most popular in this category. The amazing range of themes and plugins are what make WordPress so user friendly, and the fact that it is free is also most welcome! Another simple tool which is popular is a web builder, which ensures that even a webmaster who doesn’t know a single line of code can easily set up a website.

Comparison of Free Web Hosting and Paid Web Hosting

In order to be able to run a website without glitches, a web hosting company would need to incur a lot of expenses. That is why if you come across a free web hosting service, you can assume that its quality will be quite poor or there will be several limitations on features like storage, bandwidth, domains, email ids, SSL certifications etc. It is a much better idea to compare the basic paid packages of several web hosting service providers and select the one where the exclusions and inclusions suit your requirements perfectly.

Why You Should Get the Best Web Hosting

They say content is king for a website, but even if you have the most relevant and useful content and features on your website, they would fail to attract visitors if the pages load slowly or if your website breaks frequently. The same is even more true of e-commerce sites. The whole purpose of setting up an e-commerce platform would be lost if people can’t complete their financial transactions smoothly and securely. There are several studies which show that the level of customer satisfaction depends a lot on the quality and responsiveness of the site. Therefore if you want to get productive organic traffic and reduce the bounce percentage, then it is imperative that you get yourself a good web hosting service.

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Service

An accurate understanding of your own website is the first step to choosing the correct web hosting service. You need to be fully aware of what the purpose of that website is, and also in which direction the website will move in the near and distant future. This understanding will help you understand whether a shared service provider or a dedicated service provider is better for your site. There is also the option of a virtual private server (VPS) in case someone in your team or you have some technical skills. You need to be aware of the latest developments in the arena of web hosting, like the emergence of cloud as a major game changer. Depending on the features needed by your website, the money you would need to spend would also be a deciding factor.

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