Facebook Likes – The Driving Factor Behind It

Facebook Likes – The Driving Factor Behind It
Today it is hard to find a tech savvy person who is not there on Facebook. That indicates how much of a captivating effect it has had on everyone. Moreover, it can get addictive at times that people simply can’t do without accessing their account at least once a day.
Somehow everybody wants to be successful on Facebook. What most people are interested to know is in how many likes their recent posts have garnered. At this juncture Facebook leads the pack as the most liked social media platform much to the likes of Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn.
Statics show that most account holders are logged in at least 20 min per day. It’s a known fact that too much of social media can negatively affect your health. You are hocked to your phone or computer most of the time and consuming content and pondering over issues that might not constructive. Also, there is a feeling of insecurity amongst people regarding privacy issues, issues where people are sharing a lot of information about them without their permission. All said and done now platforms like Facebook struck a chord with billions and is here to stay though there are a lot of qualms around it.

The Psychology behind

Let’s get into the physiology of what makes something like Facebook and the concept of ‘Facebook likes’ click. Though new reactions such as love, laugh, surprised, sad, angry were introduced the ‘like’ seems to be the most predominantly used. The number of likes give insights as to how one feels about the content and gives the publisher a feeling of affirmation.

People come to Facebook for a variety of reasons. This could range from simply seeing photos and videos or sharing their slice of life with many people at once. You also have people land on Facebook to entertain themselves via videos or funny posts. The other reasons could be to garner support from people in your network or leaning about how to help others. Many of them even see Facebook to stay updated with current affairs and to know what’s happening around them. Lastly, one would publish content on Facebook to get a general perspective of a larger audience.

Platforms like Facebook have slowly become the order of the day, especially for those who want to build a community and have a social status. This gives them a feeling of being more appreciated and powerful. People like being associated with what is popular and gaining popularity on Facebook in a sense is a badge of honour for many.

Mining ‘Facebook Likes’ is a big business in its own, where all the data is used to understand you better and provide you more targeted and tailor made engagements. It’s true that you feel nice when you get a lot of likes but as the thumb rule goes says, you get ‘Likes’ based on the ‘Likes’ you give for others content. It’s some sort of a give and take where you expect something in return.

The predominant factors

Listed are the common reasons why people like or become fan of a Brand.
• To support the brand
• To get a coupon or discount
• To receive regular updates
• To participate in contests
• To share a pleasant experience
• To share a common interest, lifestyle with others
• To research about brands or while looking for specific product

Of all the cited reasons, the main reason why anyone would like a brand would be to avail a coupon or discount. This would be the main driving factor.

Another aspect that garners more likes would be closed ended questions. They form an opinion and garner more likes than open ended questions.

With all this we have gone to understand the physiology behind facebook likes and why they have so much significance.

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