How to Make Our Content Stand out from other Websites

How to Make Our Content Stand out from other Websites

Make Our Content Stand Out From Other Websites

Is it relevant to discuss, How to Make Our Content Stand Out!

Well! As we all know creating a Content is an easy task for every site owners since the resources and the latest technologies made everything so easy for humans. Every day or every minute’s, tons of contents are created and published around the world. Site Owners like us are confused as well as we are forcibly trying  to compete with each other to create something unique.

In this case, how will we be able to compete with other site owners? How to create a Content which will be capable of drawing the attention of our targetted audience? How to Make our Content Stand out from others!

5 Tips to Make Our Content Stand Out

Let’s go through some of the important strategies to make our Content stand out;

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1.Image will give the first Impression

It is very crucial that trying to give a unique touch to our images, especially Featured Images. Images have an impact. People are being forced to click on images if we have a unique creation. It is a tendency of every human being. Why can’t we utilize this opportunity? Try to create a unique image instead of ‘Shaking hands or Sunlight’, it  will drive the eyes of a common audient. In a simple manner if we say, try to create an impulse with the images.

2.Try to Touch the Personal Emotions

There is a say that “a Goldfish in the glass pot cannot give attention for more than 8 seconds”. It is very similar when we consider our audience, they won’t give attention to boredoms. Emotions, I mean their weakness, will draw their attention towards to our content and they may return in future too. So remember these points;

  • First 3 sentences
  • First 3 Paragraphs
  • First 3 Headlines

Our Content must be able to create a level of emotions within this deadline. Every reader has his weakness. If we are able to touch our readers personally through emotions, we will become a success to draw their attention.

3.KISS Principle

KISS principle is nothing but ‘Keep It Short and Simple’. No one likes a lengthy introduction as well as explanations. Did you ever sit in for any long speech? It is totally hectic. Am I right? So keep your writings short and simple. Reach to the important points as early as possible. Or else, the audience may leave your site. Unfortunately, it will end up with the higher ‘Bouncing Rate’, not more than that. Stickitivity is more important than our way of writing. So write relevant information within the boundary.

4.People Like Two-way Communication

Have you observed anything unique in my writings? No? I wrote every sentence as ‘I am also among you’. People like two-way communication always, where we no need to feel more about grammar or spellings. ‘Heart to heart’ is always the best way to build your audience. Try to maintain a conversational tone. The audience is not an alien. He likes when we compare the situations, likes, and dislikes. It is so important to maintain a wrap-up throughout our writings.

5.Unique Content

As we all know, creating a unique SEO Content is always a tough task. I to take someone’s content to impress you. But try to create a unique content to touch our audience. Sometimes, it will become viral. Those contents you may get in street-pitch, in between our chit-chats with friends or may be in a conference. But work out on it and create something new. People like that.

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