Leveraging Images to drive home more traffic to your website

Leveraging Images to drive home more traffic to your website

You have a website and everything seems to be working fine. At the same time you want to give your business an extra nudge or a boost! You have time on your side and you want to gain an edge over your competitors! We have the perfect cannon fodder to help you achieve this.

Without much ado let’s dive into the crux of the issue! Well, not many of us would have known that images on your website or add campaign play a vital role in driving traffic to your website. In this blog we would like throw some light on how a few minutes of extra effort can benefit you business in the long run.

As discussed, though image optimization is given little or no importance while optimizing your website, it is also considered as an underrated strategy for increasing traffic. As a matter of fact online content is a synergy and fine balance of text and images. Allowing search engines to index your images improves your ranking and has a direct impact on your web traffic.

Images speak a thousand words lets delve into the nitty-gritty’s as to how you can optimize and repurpose images to your advantage; i.e. drive web traffic

Optimize images along with your content

Optimizing images have the same effect on improving you page ranking as optimizing your content, pages on your website. As a matter of fact images are indexed and ranked on search engines like sites do.

Key factors to be considered for image optimization

  • Edit file name to make it user or search engine friendly naming schemes
  • Modify your image alt tags as they help search engines understand as to what your images represent in your web campaign or website
  • Ensure that your alt tags are keyword rich
  • Key word stuffing is a strict no and would automatically bring down your page ranking
  • Compress your images so as to consume less storage space
  • Make an effort to create your own images rather than relying on stock images as this would help create your unique brand identity of persona.

Narrow down on related image keywords

Google’s keyword planner enables you to find and create keywords for you alt tags and descriptions with effortless ease. All you got to do is fill in a few details pertaining to the purpose of the image in your online campaign. You will be provided with a list of keywords that would work best for you for the given scenario. You are also provided with the LSI keywords list that works best with focused list of primary key words. With these keywords you will be in a better position to weave magic with your content.

 Use of relevant images

The selection of images should be in such that it brings about the context at the first glance. For this purpose it is best not to rely on stock images. Ideally you must create images that speak about the context the image is purposed for. The describing content just be as crisp as possible and just be used as a complementary element. Last but not the least a good watermark on you images will preserve the original source of the image on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPS).

All this might seem a little bit of a daunting task to go through in the beginning. This is where GSearch would like to bring in the experience garnered over the years to handhold you until you gain a firm foothold. Get in touch with us to know more.

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