Optimizing your blogs for garnering higher ranks on search engines

Optimizing your blogs for garnering higher ranks on search engines

Search engine optimization and content marketing work in synergy with each other and blogging essentially forms the cornerstone of all your content marketing initiatives. The content on your website is essentially the driving factor which governs how your business progresses in this digital era. So it is always good to have your best foot forward while creating content for the web.

Without much ado let’s delve into the nuances of optimizing your blogs so as to garner more relevant traffic for you website.

In order to optimize your blogs you basically have two options

  • Create fresh posts from scratch
  • Optimize or reinvent existing posts

Well, the choice basically depends on whether you have the time to create a new post or if you are good enough just optimizing an existing post. Let’s understand these two steps a little more in detail.

Creating fresh posts from scratch

Creating fresh posts from scratch may be time consuming and require a creative bend of mind, but for sure is a worthwhile effort.  Here you have typically two ways of creating content. This could be by creating content by weaving content around key word or interspersing keywords around an idea, or an inspiring thought process. From the two options you should be better of choosing the latter as they are more likely to strike a chord with your target niche. On the contrary the former technique may seem easier but might yield to creation of uninspiring content.

Essentially while writing fresh content we must ensure that the keywords we intend to use in our content is being searched and is there a potential for getting your pages ranked? Unless both the criteria are satisfied there is no point using the phrase in your content.  We’ll get into the ranking aspect a little later in this blog.

Key phrases broadly classified

  • Informational – something like a knowledge base where people land on pages using these key words to gain an understanding about something, or learn about something.
  • Navigational – these keywords are used to take them to pages where they can get more information of something or about some product
  • Transactional – this are keywords used when people would want to transact into buying your product or typically would turn out to be leads for your business.

To go into a transitional phase you must ensure that your content development strategy has all these three check boxes examined.  Key word planners help do the job and help you figure out what people are searching for! They also show you relative popularity of one word over other so that you can transition into the transitional phase with effortless ease.

“Ranking for a page” is nothing but the authority or credibility of a particular web page. This is determined by other websites linking to our page. More websites lining to our page indicates better credibility and will in turn result in higher page ranking.

Making a great page is all about convincing the algorithms that we have the best content so that the web crawler or spider does a neat job of indexing and showcasing our page to the right audience. Here we might follow umpteen numbers of rules and guidelines but for sure quality content is the “King”. Once we write an amazing article we must ensure that the important key words featured in heading, sub heading and body of the text; but please avoid keyword stuffing.

It’s good that we understand that that the Google algorithms just do not rely on understanding the use of the right key words but they match the visitors intent with the content, help in dishing out tailor-made content.

Making the content easy to consume should be on top of the line while creating content. This could be taking care of the fonts, indention, colour combinations, images used, bulleted text, etc. All these things can go a long way in your content marketing strategy.

Not reinventing the wheel

The other option you always have, provided you have a good number of posts on your website is to rejig and optimize your current posts. This could prove to be a better options rather than reinventing the wheel. All you got to do is analyze the traffic coming to your website, the keywords being searched that the used to land on your page. You can tweak the content to make it more relevant with the changing business requirements.

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