On- Page Ranking Factors

On- Page Ranking Factors

Most essential Google ranking factors as you should know

1. Title tag

The title tag is considered as one of the major ranking factor, it helps search engines to understand what exactly your page is about, and title tags are first impression on viewers. The keyword must be arranged at the beginning of the title tag. Pages should be optimized in this way will help you to rank better.

2. Meta description tag

Meta description tags are short sales pitch, Length of Meta description tags should be approximately 150 to 160 characters. It helps you to gain user clicks from SERP, adding keyword to Meta description tag makes it more significant to search engine & a searcher.It helps to engage users and attract them to click.

3. Header Tags

Including targeted keyword in a unique H1 tag is good practice to improve visibility and to get better rank in SERP (Search engine result page.)

4. Content

Content is also one of the important factor for Google ranking, avoid duplicate content & write relevant and original content in each and every page of your website.

5. Canonical tag

The canonical tag is used to tell search engines which is original page or original content in relation to duplicate content, which URL should be indexed and crawled & result on SERPs.

6. Image Optimization

Only optimizing text is not enough, images should also be optimized adding relevant alt attributes to it.

7. Internal Links

Internal links are used for building site architecture & growing links around websites and allows visitors to navigate a website.

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