Are your Pay Per Click ads truly a money spinner?

Are your Pay Per Click ads truly a money spinner?

What if you are a small and medium scale enterprise and want to go to market soon. Especially if you are pressed for time! You wouldn’t want to go through all the hassle of optimizing your website. Rather you would go for a quick fix solution such as a Pay Per Click(PPC) campaign.

All said and done, PPC campaigns on the contrary can get quite daunting and would require considerable mastery to achieve the desired results. A lot of strategising is involved in targeting your ad campaigns to your niche audience.

Going through the nuances of a good PPC campaign would involve the use of the following elements to convert your leads into business. This includes

  • Quality of keywords
  • Key word relevance
  • Quality of the landing page
  • Quality and relevance of the ad copy

These are essential contributors that has a profound impact on the Click Through Rate(CTR)

Essential tips to make your PPC campaigns successful

  • Narrowing down on your target audience: A good research about your target audience will result in clicks resulting in successful channelization though your sales funnel. The two major platforms that essentially help you accomplish this include Facebook and Google Ad Words. Essentially people come on Facebook to kill time and may not be potential buyers. Hence you may have to hyper target your adds based on age, demographics, locale and most importantly what interests and persona of your target audience. Google AdWords on the contrary provides a completely different UX(User Experience) and uses search engines to display your adds. Here you can target users who are essentially in the buying mode and click on links on top of search engines. Here is a brief outline as to how you can run a successful PPC campaign.
      • Identify key words using the key word planner based on category and subcategory.
      • Frame catchy scripts with these key words which go into the content for your ad campaigns.
      • Weed out the negative key words
      • Set the language preferences

Focusing on these elements will ensure that your ad shows up in Search Ads and Display networks. Moreover running a PPC campaign is an iterative process where you must have crisp content, and constantly monitor and repurpose the ad content to stay relevant.

  • Building trust and fruitful relationships: A good marketing strategy would be to gain the trust of your prospects first rather than directing them straight to your sales page. This can be accomplished by taking them though the nitty-gritty’s of your product and how it’s going to benefit them in the long run. In the process you can generate leads through a lead generation page which basically collect the contact details and once you have gained their trust you can slowly funnel the user to the sales page. So basically you have to go through the following steps.
    • Create landing pages with captivating headlines when a user clicks on your PPC ad
    • Create a sense of urgency for buying the product
    • Well checked out content strategy for engaging the users
    • Curated and well sorted pictures and video content on your landing pages that brings to light the beauty of the product you intend to make a sale
    • Last but not the least a CTA(Call to Action) which directs the user to engage more with your product line up.

As part of your relation building initiative you must ensure that you keep your prospects engaged with your business by sending them newsletters, eBooks and Webinars they may be interested to read.

Well you must have understood by now that a PPC campaign requires finesse and strategising to strike the right chords. We at GSearch Network Pvt Ltd. help you with all the efforts to run successful PPC campaigns. 

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