SEO Geek vs Hiring Sales Executive who is relevant for Online Business

SEO Geek vs Hiring Sales Executive who is relevant for Online Business

SEO Geek Vs Hiring Sales Executive

For our online businesses which are more profitable, an SEO Geek Vs Hiring Sales Executive. Who is capable of producing more on Returns on Investments (RIO)? I hope, most of the online companies have hot discussions and debates on this subject. Since I have worked for both departments, I hope, I am capable of sorting this issue somewhere. Let me give a clear picture about the pros and cons of both and finally, you will be capable of taking a decision depends on your business goals.

Investments in an SEO Geek Vs Hiring Sales Executive

For both a small business or large company, depends on our SEO Campaign it may vary from USD150 to USD3,000 in a month. It an average calculation. It may go up depends on your number of keywords and the existing competition level of our keywords. But I hope, most of the SEO Companies may charge an average of USD 300 to USD 800 per month. There are certain companies, they charge more than USD2,000 per month also. These are the standard charges available in this industry.

SEO Geek Vs Hiring Sales Executive - most relevant for online business

When it come to hiring a sales executive for our traditional marketing campaigns, his salary will be in between USD 4,000 to USD 10,000 per month. It is a standard salary for a Senior Sales Executive according to PayScale.

While you are considering the investments, make sure, you must think that who can give you more business? Hiring an SEO Consultant or Sale Executive. It totally depends on your business model.

Execution Time – SEO Geek Vs Hiring Sales Executive

As you all know, from hiring a Sales guy to creating the leads from him is totally time-consuming. Initially, we must give product training. He will start pitching after a month or three. And getting into the flow of leads will take its own time.

But of course, SEO process also will be slow initially, but it may start giving the results within 3 months. Advantages of SEO is nothing but we start getting organic leads once we performed the SEO well and it will be continued for years. Leads will start flowing from all over the world in every day. No boundaries.

But sales guy has to work day by day for the new leads. And we must increase his salary once he experienced. Also, his working time is limited to 8 hours in a day. Travelling and phone allowances we must provide extra. After all these circuses, leads are few compare to organic search engine leads.

Overall, SEO is the best option. But for start-ups, you must hire a sales executive for creating leads. SEO may not give you immediate results. At least three months it will take to fly off.

SEO Geek Vs Hiring Sales Executive-Who is relevant for online business

Still why companies hire both SEO Geek and Sales Executive

You must read this paragraph carefully. On the last paragraph, I have concluded that an SEO Geek is better than a Sales Executive. But why companies are hiring the both. It is still happening, right? Let me explain why;

Of course, SEO campaign will generate the online leads, but who will go and close the deal? Here we need a sales representative. Am I right? I meant to say that, when we get a lead, a sales rep is the right person to go and close the deal for us. Also, good SEO campaign will reduce the time of our sales executives to close the deal faster. He may not dig up more for getting the sales.


Good SEO campaign will start creating organic leads that too unlimited for our company. But a good sales executive only can convert those leads into sales. So we need both departments simultaneously. Both are the pillars of our business. A good SEO campaign with efficient Sales team will make us more profitable. I hope, you are cleared about SEO Geek Vs Hiring Sales Executive.

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