The Best Q and A Sites to Answer All Your Questions

The Best Q and A Sites to Answer All Your Questions

Today’s generation is characterized by its inquisitive nature. We do not blindly accept facts but ask as many questions that arise in our creative minds. One of the main reasons for this is that we have the means to have all our questions answered by the internet. Any question arises in our mind and we immediately log into the internet and ask our questions. Yes, it has become that simple to get all your burning questions answered.

However, it is very important that we seek information from authentic and trustworthy sources on the internet. Not all question and answer sites are reliable sources of information. So, here is a list of ten best Q&A sites to answer all your burning questions.

  1. Quora

Quora is a site where the users can follow various Topics and People of their own choice. The users are able to ask questions covering a diverse of an array of subjects and such questions are answered by various reputable experts from different fields. Another advantage of this site is that the users can ask specific questions of their own choice in the search bar provided at the top of the page.  The specific questions asked and the topics searched most frequently help the users to keep up with the recent trends.

  1. Amazon’s Askville

Amazon’s Askville is best suited for technical questions as it is known to provide very concrete answers to all your technical questions. However, the unusual questions are also answered by this Q&A site with very unusual responses thereby leading to an entertaining and sometimes funny dialogue.

  1. Mind the Book

This website gives information regarding the best books about the particular topic or question searched for. The parameter to judge the quality of the suggestions is the number of “Community Votes” it gets.

  1. Stack Overflow

 This website is specifically designed to resolve your queries regarding programming. Questions regarding codes or how they function are duly answered by this website. Moreover, the users’ questions can be voted up or down f=depending on their visibility.

  1. Yahoo! Answers

The answers were given by this website sometimes vary in quality. There are high chances that one may find the correct answer to a question asked but one has to go through a series of discussions and threads on the same topic before finding a credible answer.

  1. Super User

Super User is specifically designed to help out computer enthusiasts. This is the ideal website for computer geeks seeking answers to their questions related to computers and their working.

  1. is modeled in the same way as a wiki. It is a highly user-friendly and familiar Q&A website that gives credible answers for all your queries.

  1. LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn Answers is best suited for business related queries. Although it cannot be said that the answers given are cent percent accurate, this website gives us access to the opinions and viewpoints of various users and thereby helps us to analyze the topics in a better way.

  1. LawPivot

This website is specifically designed to answer queries related to laws and entrepreneurship. It is one of the best sites to ask legal questions regarding entrepreneurship so that one is well aware of the responsibilities and liabilities.

  1. Hackers News’ Ask Section

Hacker News is Y Combinator’s news and information platform. For those who are interested in startups, Y Combinator is a unique startup funding group. The Ask Section of Hacker News gives answers to various questions regarding technology, startups, business and the like.

These ten Q&A websites make searching for answers on the internet a cake-walk. With these websites, one can easily get all his/her burning questions answered. This is a way forward to promoting this generation’s inquisitive nature. Get ready to make the best use of the internet with these websites.

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