Tips on SEO Friendly URL Structure & Its Best Practices

Tips on SEO Friendly URL Structure & Its Best Practices

Introduction of URL Structure

A URL stands for (Uniform Resource Locator), all the more normally known as a “web address”, indicates the area of a resource, (for example, a site page) on the web. The URL additionally indicates how to recover that resource, otherwise called the “protocol, for example, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and so on.URL structures are made with the part of your domain name or with sub domain name.

How URL Structure should be

A well-organized URL looks succinct & clean, gives both users & search engines a straightforward sign of what the goal page will be about & it is simpler to share.URL structure can enable a page to demonstrate higher on SERP that is search engine result page

URL should be short & simple, make sure your URL should be readable, URL should be consisting of relevant keywords, don’t use underscores in URL structures instead of that you can use hyphens, eliminate excess words which are not necessary in URL structure

Follow below mentioned tips & best practices to get more clicks & page rank with the help of well- structured SEO friendly URLs

Best Practices of URL for SEO

  • Keeping URLs as basic, applicable, convincing, and precise as conceivable is vital to getting both your clients and web indexes to comprehend them (an essential to positioning great). Despite the fact that URLs can incorporate ID numbers and codes, the best practice is to utilize words that individuals can appreciate.
  • URL should be always conclusive yet brief. Only by just viewing URL, both search engine and user should get picture or clear idea what they will get in the page.
  • At the point when vital for clarity, utilize hyphens to separate words. URL should not consist of underscores & space or whatever other characters or special characters to separate the words.
  • Utilize lowercase letters. Now and again, capitalized letters can cause issues with copy pages.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from the utilization of URL parameters, if conceivable, as they can make issues with copy content & tracking. On the off chance that parameters should be utilized (UTM codes, e.g.), utilize them sparingly.

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