Tricks to Boost Your Website Ranking Without Link Building and Content Writing

Tricks to Boost Your Website Ranking Without Link Building and Content Writing

I can understand what’s going on in your mind, how’s this possible.

As per the Standards of Google, Content is King in SEO and more the link building, obviously your website get better rank in the Google Searches.

I accept that content marketing and Link building play a vital role in giving ranking to the website, but these are not only 2 ways to improve the rankings.

Even though in the regular intervals, Google changes its algorithm, but I have studied that there are several strategies to boost your websites ranking in the search even if we neglect to build more links or increasing the content.

So, let us find out what those strategies are.

What are the requirements that Google expect to rank higher in the search?

First I am interested in educating what are your thoughts on SEO before I start guiding you how the strategies and tricks to boost your ranking. You have lots of miss conception about SEO and how it works.

In concerned with On- page optimization of Building links or Content creation, Do you think Google is serious about it?

I accept that these 2 are important factors to improve the rankings, but Google doesn’t concentrate only on these 2 tactics.

In case, if Google starts ranking the website which audience don’t like, then people will surely start disliking the Google, That’s why Google rank only those websites which audience like.

And in case if people stop browsing Google, then obviously there will be less audience to view their ads and with this there earnings will also become less.

Because of this reason, Google displays only those things which people are interested in watching and that is also the reason why people love Google so much.

Now let us come to the tactics which people should like visiting your website boost your ranking.

And now, do you think I am going to give you the stuffy strategies, no need to worry, I am not going to give.

Strategy 1: How to Optimize CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

Can I ask you this question?

If Ten thousand people searched term ‘SEO’ in Google and instead of clicking on the No.1 option, if they clicked on the option 2, what they are trying to tell to Google?

It is telling that Option 2 is more relevant then option 1, and it should replace the option 2 to option 1.

One famous online expert, he did one experiment, in his twitter account, he tweeted and told his followers to search this keyword “best-grilled steak” and in the search result, he told to click the option 1 and then come back and again hit option 4.

And that link started ranking in the top of SERP for the keyword “best-grilled steak”.

Since the audience was not interested in that link because it was not as good as compared to the other link because of this ranking automatically gone down.

As the Expert has a good tweeter following, his followers did as per his instructions, Google believed that 4th link was more relevant to 1 st link and based on that it replaced.

So this thing clearly explains that Google gives preference to the links which people love rather than following the set of tricks and strategies which may mitigate the visitors to the Google search engine which Google never wants.

And it’s not like that, only that online expert has tried this trick, there are thousands of Digital marketing expert have done these kinds of tactics to improve their ranking in the Google search.

Do you think, people should click only on your link rather other search results, whether it’s easy?

If you start getting more hits to your website than automatically your website ranking start improving in the searches without doing Content creations and building the links.

So, what we have to do to get more clicks on our website?

First and the far most important thing is our Meta title and description, it should be cache.

Whenever you search in the Google you will find 3 things in the search, Meta Title, Website URL and Meta description.

If your website is in Word Press theme, then you can easily able to edit the title and description as per your choice with the help of Yoast SEO plugin.

In this stiff completion, there are several ways to get more clicks to your website and they are mentioned below:

Include keywords: Usually, people click on the link which consists of keywords which they are searching for. While writing the Meta title and description, you should make sure that you’re including the correct keywords. You may think this is maybe basic, in case your website your website is ranking for 1000 of terms, then a question arises, which keyword you will include in the Meta title where Google considers only 60- characters.

Generate Curiosity: Meta Title which is very fancy and that can create more number of hits to the website. E.g. If using the keyword “Yoga therapy”, then the suggested Meta description will be like”10 proven advantages of Yoga therapy (#5 will give a shock to you)”. You may be thinking that this Meta title is very long, but people will be surely thinking about #5, what exactly it is.

Copy magazines: Whenever you see the famous magazines, in front of the cover photo you will find the attractive Meta title and description. Surely you will get a better idea, how to attract the people by the way of title and description.

It’s not a stiff task to improve the ranking of your site in SERP, the mistakes what people usually do is either they take a wrong keyword or they straightway copy the description. So keep in mind that people read the Meta title and description, so it should be very attractive.

Now let us take to next step where you should go to get more clicks for your website to get more hits for your website.

Initial step to use Google search Console.

Sign in the Google search Console after that go to ‘Search traffic’ and after that go to ‘Search Analytics.

You will the pages similar like this

You will see the URL which is mostly searched in your website with their CTR.

Go to the pages which is of high traffic and that have CTR less than 5 percentage and the go to ‘queries’ radio button.

Then you have to see the keywords which have lots of clicks and lowest click through rate.

While writing the Meta title, you should keep in mind that title consists of only 60 characters means you should not use more two to three keywords.

Now you have to select the keywords that have more number of hits and it should have low click through rate as you have opted less than 5% CTR.

So by putting proper keywords in the Meta title and description you are able to generate Curiosity which will surely increase the clicks for your website. This will result in getting more traffic to your website and increase the ranking in a short span of time

Below mentioned 3 trail worked for me when I was integrating the Meta Tags in my website.

In my 1st trial I saw that for the word “marketing digital”, lots of traffic is coming to my website outside the continent of North America through my post.

Then by looking this trial and error method, I exchanged “digital marketing” to “marketing digital” in my Meta tag, that increased my CTR from 2.29% to 3.83%. Because of this method, I also found in the increment of my site visitors up to 1125 on the monthly basis.

I got an Idea from the magazine and I integrated the “Social media marketing”, which resulted in number visitors visiting my website, up to 895 increments in the traffic.

With the Keyword “Social media marketing” I integrated another phrase “step by step guide”

With this strategy, visitors started understanding what exactly this post is about and what action exactly it gives. And I also integrated one phrase “Social media” in the Meta description of my website with little times.

I noticed that Google has replaced the word “Google Ad words” to “Google Ads” because of the query Google Ad words. So very fewer people observed this that Google has replaced and after that, I concentrated more on “Google Ad words” and did opposite as others were doing

Because of this, another 1295 traffic of site visitors increased on my website.

Certain kinds of circumstances also came to my website that has reduced the traffic.

So it is suggested that whenever you change the Meta title and description in your website, note that date on which you have done the changes and see the result in webmaster tool after 30 days, what exactly impact happened after this method.

If it results in the increase of your CTR then your attempt was perfect.

This method you have done to improvise your CTR now it’s time improve your user experience.

Strategy 2: Exhibit what visitors expects when they require that:

If you saw the previous experiment in which the SEO expert told there twitter follower to click on the next listing instead of the listing which is in the top and click the back button.

You obviously don’t expect that site visitors click on your site and then click the back button, it’ll surely disturb the ranking in the Google.

I the normal circumstance, if people visits the website and clicks the back button, it means they didn’t like the website. So if want that people should stay in your website, you make the UI of your website user-friendly.

I will do one experiment with two steps:

1st step is with the help of Qualaroo ask a question to people, how to improve the ranking of my website when visitors are active in our website

With help of Qualaroo, You can easily come across why people are visiting your website and this will also help you to understand what types of people are visiting your website.

One fine day I did one experiment on my blogs section, with the help of Qualaroo, I came to know through the feedback that, toughest situations is to find the exact content that you are looking for.

I very well know about this situation. The reason behind this, content related to marketing that I have on everything.

So I did one trial and error method on my blog section, you can opt the content that you are interested in and then all the content will exhibit that fulfil your needs.

I did on Crazy Egg experiment to find out that whatever changed I did, you like that one. Based on the Crazy Egg experiment you can find out that I was 100% successful.

With this experiment bounce rate also came down to 22% also.

Then with Crazy Egg experiment, I observed that which part of the experiment grabbed the more attention. This test helped to analyze that where should I integrate filtration option of content.

Crazy Egg experiment concluded that 65% of attention came through integrate filtration option of content.

Place where visitors are giving lots of attention, filtering that and exhibiting it means, I am providing you with the things that what visitors are looking for.

Once you improve the user experience of your website, next important thing is to increase the brand.

I suggest you that go through the pages of your website where you have lots of bounce rate and try these experiments on those pages and the making user experience. While selecting the pages you also select the page which have a decent traffic.

Strategy 3: Brand Buildup

You will get a very good rank if you build up a brand like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

The former senior employee of Google once upon a time said:

The brand is not the Problems, actually, they are the solutions. Brands are how you solve the cesspit.

I conducted one Test, that helped me increase the visitors and increase in the brand build up.

Once I came to know the strength of the Brand buildup, I initiated a workshop called branding school, I initiated uploading the posts in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Videos in YouTube on the daily basis.

This resulted in generating a good amount of leads related to branding.

Since you know that putting quality content on the website doesn’t mean your brands will grow nicely.

One thing I have studied that Rule Seven works many times.

When anyone sees your message 7 times or hear your message 7 times, they will come back surely and build the connections.

What you to do so that people should come back to your website?

For this simple answer, I have found that is Subscribers which is a free tool.

It gives notification in the browsers when you browsing to subscribe to your site. It is convenient for the email because is based on browser that means visitors no need to give their email Ids or Names.

Whenever your visitors to come to your website, you just need to send them the notification, by looking into that surely good amount of people will visit your website.

Whenever I post the new blog in my website, I issue out notification blast all the.

Then by looking at the notification people visits my website that increases the good amount of Domain authority of my website.

To get subscriber it takes time, it’s not so easy but once they become your subscriber they get every notification once you post the blogs on your website.

These will increases the subscribers at least 4 times more than getting subscribers from email.


If you concentrate only on On- page optimization, Off – page submission and even posting the blogs on the regular basis, you cannot rule in Google searches.

Want to know the reason?

Providing the excellent to the visitors, you will get a good chance to overtake your competitor.

So if you want visitors to come to your website, stay for the good amount of time, visit to the different pages of your website, you have to go beyond the basics of SEO.

In today scenario SEO has become very stiff, 6-year ago it was not that tough to rank the website in the top of SERP of Google.

If you use the above mentioned 3 Strategies, see below that how much time it will take to get the results.

Optimizing the Title Description: Presuming that you do these 3 test, you will notice small changes in 1 to 2 months and as the time passes you will see good results.

User experience improvements:  If you improve the user experience then surely you will see in the increment of site visitors, less bounce rate, increase in the page views, better conversion rate. For good ranking in the searches, it will surely help but not immediately. Gradually it will increase than after three to 4 months you will start getting the results.

Building up the Brand: It’s true that it takes lots of years to build the brand but free tools like Subscribers will surely help you to build your brand as early as possible.

What you say about these three Strategies, write in the below comment.

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