10 Crucial Free Tools Of Google That Everyone Should Know

10 Crucial Free Tools Of Google That Everyone Should Know

You consider yourself as Digital marketer, SEO analyst or blogger, this platform has a good or a bad observation with the Google. In short, it doesn’t matter how you consider the platform of Google search engine, it provides several free tools which give the fruitful data. By utilizing these tools you can able to increase nice traffic for your website which every businessman or professional expects from his website.

Below mentioned 10 free Google tools which you should use while doing SEO(Search Engine Optimization) of your website. You may be knowing lot’s of tools in digital marketing, but frequently we use very few of it, but in this field regularly we see new things to implement.

1. Google Analytics:Everyone knows about the stiffness of the keyword data, keeping aside, some of our fruitful studies tells that there are lot’s of benefits if we get the proper data about where our website is standing, like how many people are visiting our website, how many people are coming from direct traffic, how many from organic, Social, referral etc. It shows the proper information about the visitors. If you are not using the Google analytics in your online marketing, you’ll surely be far behind from your competitors, even though how good strategies you may use.

Google Analytics will surely be more famous in the market even though it has lot’s of competitors like Web Trends, Omniture, Clicky, Open web analytics etc. You can go through Solution Gallery if you require more information for your data and to sum custom tracking for your links use URL builder.

2. Google Search Console:Google Search Console which is officially known as Webmaster Tool, is one of the important tools of Google search engine, which act like a doctor to the website, like how Doctor tells the disease in the body, in the same way, search console shows the problems of the website. Use it to run your digital marketing smoothly and find the issues on the website immediately.

Through search console you can find out broken links, manual penalty, finding issues of crawling, examine robots.txt, how many pages have been indexed, download links and many more which completely comes in free of cost. It’s one of the most important tools of the Google that considers the ranking factors of your website.

Along with this, you can check the Bing Webmaster Tool, You can utilize lots of stuff from this free tool also.

3. Google Trends:we were discussing on the topic of Google analytics and Search console for your website, Google trends also play a pivotal role in distinguishing traffic for diverse search terms with considering geographic, historic and related things. Considering if a word is falling or rising element of your field’s vocabulary is greatly profitable for building alluring content which totally free of cost.

4. Google Adwords Keyword Planner:Google Adwords Keyword Planner is also one among the important tools of the Google which have been changed a lot in these few years. Even though there are lots of tools which are available online, but Adwords keywords planner will surely be crucial among them.

The updated keyword planner is more PPC oriented as compared to the keywords tool which is antiquated. Keywords planner show’s the result of the most popularly searched keywords in the Google search with the total number of monthly searches which helps you to analyse while preparing a meta title for your website.

5. PageSpeed Insights: If we go back 8 years i.e in the year 2010, Google made a significant announcement that the website loading is one among the important factor of ranking the website in the search in the search engine. Later studies have also proven that website loading speed also increases the visibility.

With the good fortune, there is a step to prepare the list of advice for your customers or your technical team without the help of an expert web developer. Pagespeed tool of Google consists of a browser extension for Firefox which is an extension to Firebug and Google Chrome and in the version of the browser to provide more details. Both the options will provide you with commendable data that will increase the speed of the website.

6. Google Consumer Surveys:As we everybody know that understanding the customer is an important factor in the designing the website which fulfils their needs. If through the rigorous process of Survey and questionnaire we go, it will be a expensive stuff whereas Google consumer survey is a free tool for understanding the common needs of the customer. You will not differ from the 4 usual queries unless paying, but you can still achieve important data on how consumers think your website with their experience to the site. This can be surely helpful when examining a new website design.

7. Content Experiments:Content Experiments earlier which was known as Google’s Website Optimizer, as the name describe now it has lots of feature as compared to the old version which was to the limited feature, as the content is king in SEO process, it helps in the optimizing the website and that comes in free.

Content examining indulges in with the target you have prepared in Google Analytics, and through you can understand different kinds of changes of a page to consumers. So, through this, we can examine, headlines, test layouts, colours, content and lots of things to determine the optimum layout. In digital marketing, the main intention of SEO analyst is to increase the conversion rate and as it becomes routine then this will be the correct platform to you to invest your valuable savings in the organisation which will provide good results.

8. Google My Business Page:It’s another free tool which helps in increasing the visibility of the website in the searches of search engine and increase the traffic. Give your local presence through another platform provided by the Google i.e Google My Business Page, through this people can visit your office through the navigation and provide the reviews for your products and services which will help for your prospective buyers also.

Google My business page gives authority to place the customized information that will be displayed in Google map which enables your local customers who are looking products related in your category and which they utilize through this medium. Google my Business page look analogous, but helps you to interact with your local customer and you can post images and describe your products with this platform.

If you get engagement through GMB and get a good number of reviews, sometimes Google will show in the search results when someone is searching based on keywords related in your category, which surely be fruitful for your business.

9. Google Alerts:Google alerts is another useful platform provided by the Google which is very reliable and no need to even think how important it is in the eyes of Digital marketer and content writers.

With the help of Google alerts you can get lots of updates in concerned with the category you are dealing in. The main intention of using this tool is always to updated information of the products and services that are going in the market which will keep you updated through these updates.

We can exhibit some of the new directions to utilise the Google services in this platform. The important service of Google Alerts is the choice as an RSS Feeds, which help in maintaining the different alerts and mixing with the other mediums. Usually, the readers of the Google turns down the page, even though there are lots of readers of RSS will be there who do a great job in this platform.

10. Google Tag Manager:In the field of digital marketing, usual problem we find of delay happened because of waiting list for development time. This problem can be sorted out by Google Tag Manager, provides you the information of the update lot’s of usual site tags without getting support.

Google tag manager is advanced tool and the advantages will be more. In the website once you integrate the code, you can do the customization through this tool without doing changes in the code of the website. It supports for Custom macros, referrer, URL, event-based tags and many more with debug console. This tool is also helpful for the site who are using the third party tool, with the help of GTM we can customize the site as per our choice.

Conclusion: In conclusion, These are the 10 tools which Google provides, that you can use while doing SEO for your website like doing keywords research, on-page optimization, content writing etc. In today’s scenario, the importance of online marketing increasing day by day, with the help of these tools we can do lots of stuff to increase the ranking of the website.

You can update us which are your favourite Google tools? And how you are utilizing these tools ? You write us on the below mentioned comments.

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