Importance of Keyword Research in SEO

Importance of Keyword Research in SEO

Everything starts with words wrote into a search box.

Keyword research is one amongst the most vital, significant, and exceptional return activity in SEO field. By looking into your market’s keywords request, you cannot just realize which terms and phrases to focus on SEO, but also study in more about your clients overall.

It’s not generally about getting traffic to your site, but rather about getting the correct sort of traffic.

You can’t start to plan for a campaign unless you know which keywords you are focusing on, and you can’t estimate expenses and profits from SEO unless you know who you’re & with whom you’re competing.

Keyword research is the act of recognizing which phrases are utilized on web indexes when individuals are searching for information, and as a rule, incorporates finding both the search volume and also competition.

Keyword research is an important factor for SEO because when it is used in a correct way it gives a guide to both the plan and execution of building sites and creating content.

Search engine optimization tends to concentrate on one of two regions one is whether you are optimizing for traffic or optimizing for conversion, most people do SEO for traffic, not for conversion. Optimizing for traffic is not a really bad idea, it depends upon your objectives, and in case if you are in e-commerce business or service providing industry it is more important you rank well in terms to get a sale. Optimize to get conversions, not just to get visitors.

In the case, if you are dealing in the advertising business or publishing business where your incomes are directly related to the number of site visitors as well as a number of page views, at that point optimizing for traffic is the best suggestible.

Keyword research process includes

    1. Head keyword search queries or Short-tail keyword search queries
    2. long-tail and mid keywords
    3. Related search demand
    4. Level of competition
    5. Relevancy

Judge the Value of Keyword

If you want to understand the value of a keyword, first you need to know about your own website make a few theories, do the test, and repeat it, this will be great web promoting recipe.

Before proceeding you should know answer for below-mentioned questions

Whether the keyword is relevant to your website’s content?

Will searchers discover what they are searching for on your site when a user searches using these keywords?

Will a user be satisfied with their search results?

Will this visitors result in conversions or other company objectives?

In the event that the response to these inquiries is a “Yes!” at that point continue…

Understanding which sites effectively rank for your keyword gives you important knowledge into the competition and furthermore how difficult it will be to positioned or rank for the given term.

Keyword Research

Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner is the useful tool in the beginning stage for SEO keyword research. It not just recommends keywords and also gives estimated search volume, but also price of running paid campaigns for these terms. To decide volume for a specific keyword, make sure to set the Match Type & look under Local Searches for Month.

Keyword Difficulty

With a specific end goal to know which keywords to focus on, it’s vital to not just understand the interest or demand for a given phrase, but also work needs to accomplish high rankings. In the event that top brands take the best 10 results and you’re quite recently beginning on the web, the struggle for rankings can require a very long time of effort. This is the reason to understand keyword difficulty.


Good keyword research will clarify what phrases or keywords are used by your target audience. Optimizing for the keywords that people never use doesn’t make any sense. Doing great keyword research that you utilize the words your target customer uses and in this manner attempts of optimizing your site beneficial.

Powerful keyword management helps you achieve the correct potential clients to develop your business. Understanding search goal in concern of buyer’s journey can help to successfully adjust organic as well as paid inquiry procedures.

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