5 SEO Predictions for 2017 to Improve Ranking in SERP

5 SEO Predictions for 2017 to Improve Ranking in SERP

5 SEO Predictions for 2017 to Improve Ranking in SERP

SEO Predictions for 2017 from Experts

Webmasters, as well as online marketers, are always bothered about their ranking on Search Engine Result Page because dropping one rank may loose millions of turnover, especially if you are an online seller. As per Chitika, one of the top most online advertising network, 1st three sites on the SERP get the highest traffic that is 32.5%, 17.6%, and 11.4% consecutively. 4-6 positions may attract below 10% of traffic only. So a change in the positions may cost a lot in terms of traffic, of course, profit too. To avoid this problem, we must update with the current trends and tricks on SEO. So come up with the top most 5 SEO Predictions which created by SEMRush, one of the best SEO Tools provider, to regain as well as retain your ranking for the next 365 days!

The Top 5 SEO Predictions for 2017

1.AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages

You all know that everyone in this era has own some kind of smartphones. You can see a lot of mobile maniacs in our street always busy with some kind of activities on their phone. As per statista.com, mobile users will increase up to 4.77 Billion in 2017. These numbers are showing the upcoming (fortunately, it is going on now) trends of mobile internet usage instead of laptop and desktop. In this scenario, if your site wants to survive, your web pages must be Mobile Accelerated. Unfortunately, Google has begun to favor mobile accelerated pages on SERP for mobile browsers. So make your website and its pages mobile accelerated.

5 SEO Predictions for 2017

2.CDN or Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery Network is nothing but a system of distributed servers which deliver your web page or content to the users in a short span of time, based on the geographical location of the user. CDN servers are not free. If you have an account with these networks, they will distribute your content much earlier than the origin server (your home server) since their servers (CDN’s) are located everywhere in the world. Below image will give much clarity if you found difficult to understand the concept;

With the support of CDN, your web page or content will load much faster even your origin server is located in the USA.

But, it is not necessary for small-scale online marketers. It is generally used by large scale e-commerce brands and media/news agencies to deliver the content to their users rapidly.

3.Schema Markup

Schema Markup is nothing but to highlight your categories on SERP. It will help you to stand out from the crowd. Schema markup will help even web browser to understand the content on your site.

“Rich snippets and quick answers are showing 22% of the time in Google search results, which makes schema.org crucial for companies.”

For users, he will get the right information without even clicking on the links with the help of Rich Snippets or quick answers. It will increase the credibility of your site too.

4.Trends of Vocal Searches

In 2013, Google’s voice recognition accuracy was below 80% and now it is more than 90%! What does it show? People are changing from Textbased searched to Vocal searches. As per ComScore, by 2020 fifty percentage of users will become Vocal searchers. So what we must take care as per SEO concern? Make your website more conversational tone, make your website to think in terms of conversational tone.

5.Engagement will Rule

Instead of our traditional SEO methods such as link building, social bookmarking, comment marketing…etc, try to generate more engagement on your site. More engagement will improve the relevancy of your site and more relevant pages will rank on Search Engine Ranking Page.

Engagement will happen only with quality content and frequent updates. Involve more in social medias will also generate more engagement.

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