Proven Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Proven Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website or Blog

If your website is lacking to attract more traffic, here we recommend few steps that will surely help you to boost your website traffic

  1. Responsive Website

Make sure that your site is accessible & easily viewable on all devices such as Desktop PC’s, Mobiles, tablets, and Laptops. Your website loading speed should be good, it is also considered as most important factor to drive more traffic.

  1. Target long tail keywords

Make sure your blog or content of your website covers all the significant phrases relevant to your topic.

  1. Focus on- page SEO

Optimize your content for search engines, it will not only rank you on Google first page but also boost website traffic, engagement and leads.

  1. Internal Linking

Whenever you post the blog or publish content, make sure that your blog or content must contains internal links, this will not only helps for SEO it will also gives the better result in increasing the website traffic.

  1. Introduce Forum on your site

Forum can rapidly start ranking for keywords and it will also result in decreasing the bounce rate of your website and increase the visitor’s time on your website and also build a community.

  1. Submit Blogs

Submit your articles or blogs to Stumble Upon, it really works!

  1. Promote your blogs through emails

Including link to your blog posts will boost visitors, leads, and conversions.

  1. Reply or respond to HARO query

It will take few minutes to answer but it will increase Page Rank (PR), referral traffic and high quality of inbound links.

  1. Focus on your Headlines

Headlines of your blog post play vital role in attracting more traffic, whenever you share the blog on social media, make sure that it should result in increasing curiosity of readers & have clear defined benefits.

  1. You Can Join Blogging Communities

This is one of the best ways to connect with other bloggers as well as to promote & advertise each other’s content

  1. Add links to other related posts on your blog

Whenever you write a blog, be sure to specify other posts readers of your blog, it may be helpful for improving the traffic. This will result in increasing reader’s time on site as well as conversion rates.

  1. Guest Posting

Guest posting on relevant blogs is considered as one of the effective methods to generate traffic on your website

  1. Optimize your existing blogs

Optimize your old blogs by adding exclusive and relevant title tags & Meta descriptions.

  1. Post Blogs Regularly

Posting blogs regularly will also increase engagement and traffic on your site


All above-mentioned ways are essential to increase organic traffic, these points will surely help you to get more visitors to your website. Search engine optimization is considered as the best method to position your website or blog in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. and to get more visitors and targeted audience to your website. Social media also plays vital role to drive more traffic to your site and also builds customer networks.

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