9 Ways to Increase Domain Authority of Your Website

9 Ways to Increase Domain Authority of Your Website

How to Increase the Domain Authority of a Website

A website’s domain authority is a crucial factor that determines its ranking on Google’s search engine. Domain authority is directly proportional to your ranking, and hence, to a greater traffic on your website! You can improve your domain authority through flawless SEO optimization. There are prevalent misconceptions, and it is often confused with page authority; while the latter measures how high a specific page on your website can be ranked, domain authority encapsulates the entire domain under one single rank. Eventually, this is the rank that matters when you expect a seat reserved for your website in Google’s top 10!

The developer of Domain authority, Moz, scores it on a scale that ranges between 1 and 100 with anything over 60 meaning excellence. By paying enough heed to Moz’s ways, any website can swiftly increase domain authority. Several factors are used in the determination; a few chief ones that should be followed in order to increase domain authority of your website are as discussed herein –

Factors Which Determine the Domain Authority

It matters as to how many different websites have linked their root domains with your website. Improving the number shall considerably improve Domain authority. These external links are studied for their strength using the metric viz. MozRank which studies both quality and quantity of your associations with “quality” having the upper hand. On an average, websites have a MozRank of three on a rating scale from 0-10. MozTrust is very similar to MozRank with a specific role in measuring your closeness with your associates (external links). To give you a better hint, consider associating with educational and government websites with sponsored top-level domain extensions “.edu” and “.gov”. This would reasonable increase domain authority for your website.

An obvious contender that plays a key role in calculating how good a website you’ve created is the content you put in. It is obvious because at the end of the day it is but your content that engages users. All your attempts would seem bogus and incompetent if your content were unworthy. Opting socially regarded content would pay off well in increasing Domain authority as they’ve been shared, reposted, tweeted and commented upon several times.
SEO play the prime role when search engine friendliness is remarked upon. The more well-structured and formatted your website, the more the users that stay on your page, and hence, the better your chances to increase Domain Authority.

It is vital to understand that increasing your page authority, although not regarded significantly by several websites, directly impacts with an increase in domain authority of your website. How? Moz measures page authority in an equally scrutinizing logarithmic scale which counts to 100 points. As in the case of domain authority, page authority looks for social signals, third party linkages and/or activity (both complete and partial) and overall quality of content.Sounds rather complicated till here, does it? Let us enlist a few simple ways to Increase Domain Authority of your website.

9 Ways to Increase the Domain Authority

Sounds rather complicated till here, does it? Let us enlist a few simple ways to Increase Domain Authority of your website

1) Make sure your domain name relates to your website. In other words, call a spade “a spade”! Focusing on your keyword right from your domain would pay off exceptionally affirmative. Equally important is the prominence of your domain name as it would assist your users to return comfortably.

2) Formatting is an essential tool not just for high-end official documents but even for your website. Both to increase domain authority and your Google search engine ranking optimizing your content in every single page of your website is unequivocally essential.

3) Make sure your content is well received by fellow developers. When your website content is high in quality, more external links are lured towards it which in turn pays off in the form of the aforementioned MozRank and MozTrust. Reliable, informative and creative content frames the context for a website that is all set to cash results.

4) External links certainly pay off well; this statement in no way conveys the relative unimportance of internal links. As we have repeatedly mentioned it is the content you provide that engages and makes a customer out of your mere viewer. Focus on internal links with equal sincerity acknowledging the importance of user engagement. The better your users feel surfing through your website the better you will feel when it all sums up and matures. In other words, when on your website users should not get the feeling that they’re stuck in a maze or worse, a loop! Navigation is a significant parameter to judge a website’s user friendliness.

5) Introspection always yields, no matter how late. Make sure you thoroughly check your website for broken or bad links. Such external or internal linkages, when scrutinized by search engines, would result in a poor domain authority. Hand-picking such broken, dead or bad links would take hours and hours of your time. Use ready-made tools available to you that help in managing links. These tools would assist you to differentiate dead links from the still alive ones.

6) A multi-platform website is advised to today’s date. It is soon likely to be mandatory as more and more people are shifting to an Android or iOS based mobile platform. Having your web pages compatible with the platform most of your users prefer or beholding by universal compatibility will certainly increase domain authority. A universal compatibility would maintain an affirmative rank regardless of the metric.

7) Work yourself up to be commendable in your genre of service. Unparalleled service is what creates authority within the niche. Create exceptional engaging content that adheres even a passerby. Identify your brand as something that is making a real difference in the industry. All these factors play a very crucial role in bringing you long lasting associates and never refraining traffic.

8) Your websites should load in a flash! Gone are the times when users would tap their fingers sequentially on the table awaiting your website to open up!

9) Social media promotions give users what they call a “homie” connection. “When your mate shares a link, you better look it up right away” is the code of honor. Utilize it! Create an atmosphere wherein a few hundred Facebook users keep talking about you at any given time of the day.


On a conclusive note, we would like to reemphasize and quote the proportionality mentioned earlier in this article; “Domain authority is directly proportional to your ranking, and hence, to a greater traffic on your website!” Concentrate your time and energy to increase domain authority on your website, and immediately after, prepare to stack you dollar bills in a direction that point right at the skies!

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