How to Increase Website Traffic without Spending Money

How to Increase Website Traffic without Spending Money

How to Increase Website Traffic into the Peak

You can Increase Website Traffic only with your content and that is nothing but maintaining an active blog on your website. With an active blog, your website can rank better in the search engine. Perhaps, you have already written many contents and you might have published it as well. But, what is the point if nobody is viewing your content? All your energy is going to waste but something can be done to prevent such wastage of your time and energy.

Before I proceed, I must tell you that every content does not have the potential to rank better. So, before you pick one of your web pages, decide which content has the best chance to succeed.

Decide and Know the Content’s Potential to Increase Website Traffic

You already have a targeted keyword in your blog post title and process the competition around that keyword. Know which sites are ranking the best. If famous websites such as Forbes, New York Times and others are ranking at the top, then there would be chances that your website would rank below them. So, try to choose a blog that has very less competition around the targeted keyword. Also, remember that is quite easy to push the blog higher that is ranked lower than to push the blog higher that is not even under Google’s reach. So, know your blog’s potential and decide wisely.

Points to Increase Website Traffic with Your Blog

  1. Increasing blog ranking by optimizing (SEO)

This is quite known to you but to summarize, I list out the points for you:

  • Focus on long tail keywords as keyword optimization. Have a knowledge of popular synonyms while writing a blog. Also, abstain from putting too many keywords in an article.
  • Do not forget to include keywords in the title. Keep titles below 60 characters.
  • Meta description should not be above 160 characters.
  • Shorter the URL, better the ranking.
  • Include texts that have keywords and synonyms.
  • You can use external links for backup research.
  • If you face any difficulty to perform above content optimization process, it is better to hire an SEO Consultant.
  1. Increasing blog ranking with the help of external links

Google denies that external linking is any kind of help but research by Reboot shows that it actually works. Reboot establishes the relation between a page’s external links and its search rankings. So, according to Reboot, you must try to include external links for the better ranking of your posts.

  1. Using backlinks

When you use backlinks from authoritative websites to increase the blog ranking, you are quite on a right track. So, it is better that you provide a backlink from an old age domain rather than the new domains. That is why using backlinks to increase your ranking in search engines is a better option to try. You can try many ways but here is something that you should commit to your memory:

  • Start email outreach program that points to the websites relating to your blog topics
  • You can use social and blog commenting or messaging to reach out to authoritative sites.
  • Guest posting: Guest posting is a great way to get a backlink.

increase website traffic backlinks

  1. Use of semantic keywords increases blog ranking

Semantics is the study of meaning. You should have a database of keywords with different contexts. A semantic keyword that is also known as LSI keyword remains your main keyword.

For instance, suppose you have a word “crash”. Does this “crash” mean an accident or sound? Google makes the best use of its technology to understand the context in which the word “crush” has been used. It might not have high volume searches but it increases the relevancy of the keyword.

  1. Syndication increases blog ranking

If a post is featured on a popular website, then this is called content syndication. This helps in reaching out to masses that you cannot reach without syndication. With the help of syndication, you are able to reach a larger audience. Please commit it to your memory that the blog you have to syndicate has the backlink so that the traffic goes through this link to your website.

  1. Increasing blog ranking with social signs

Google says that social signs do not affect ranking but it is not actually true. Case studies signify that there is a relation between social signs and jump in rankings of the websites. Social signs not only show higher ranking but it increases traffic to the post as well. So better do Social Media Optimization.

  1. Click Through Rate (CTR) increases blog ranking

CTR tells Google the reliability of the post. It tells which blog is worth reading and which is not. To improve CTR, improve the blog title. Keep title character below 60 characters. Moreover, the title of the blog should be interesting for the readers.

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