4 Tips Increase the Traffic of Ecommerce Website weekend Holidays

4 Tips Increase the Traffic of Ecommerce Website weekend Holidays

4 Tips Increase the Traffic of Ecommerce Website weekend Holidays

Why to Increase the Traffic of E-commerce Website on Weekend & Holidays

Weekends and holidays are the time when people actually think about spending more hours on Ecommerce website. Of course, as you all know, weekend and holidays people are free from office and they think to spend time and money for shopping and other activities. The points which I am going to explain about how to Increase the traffic of Ecommerce website on Weekdays and Holidays are just some basics. These campaigns never guarantee any success without SEO. So let’s start.

“Before We Start You must Read the below points

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is definitely an important factor that can help you increase the traffic of Ecommerce website on weekend as well anytime. Therefore it is important to understand that SEO is an ongoing process and it can only give a better result over time. There is absolutely no time when you can think that you have reached saturation in terms of SEO’s, you need to keep moving upwards and use different techniques to keep improving endlessly. Testing your own website by using generic keywords on Google can help you to check the Google ranking of your website and give you an in-depth understanding of the possible problems in your website. By using such methods of self-check you can also learn from the websites that rank on the top. Learning from competitors is also very important for self-improvisation.”

4 Tips to Increase the Traffic of Ecommerce Website on Weekend

Following are the four most important tips that can help you increase the traffic of Ecommerce website on weekend.

1.The Holiday Keywords

The “Holiday Keywords” are the first amongst the four important tips. This means you must be ready in advance if you want to increase the traffic of Ecommerce website on weekend and holidays. You also need to make sure that these Holiday Keywords are put in action well in advance in order to make it more and more effective. According to the statistics, this can improve your website visibility by 90%. Therefore, once you have the keywords ready, you must not waste any more time and start using them right away. Every minute wasted will make you lose a big chunk of traffic. These keywords change with every season and holiday period so you need to be well aware of that and make use of it efficiently.

2.Create a “coming soon” page

Having a little preview to create a buzz (Viral Marketing) among the customers before a holiday season or weekend is always a good idea. This also helps you buy time before you are ready to actually launch your holiday-themed product. You can start with a little sneak peak to garner more visitors and spread the news about your product before the actual launch. It has been an accepted phenomenon that creating such a buzz always makes people anticipate and wait for what is coming up soon for them. So it is up to you to see how you want to create this kind of intriguing campaign for your customers. However, it is important that you keep updating your coming soon page before the information becomes stale for the viewers.

3.Guides about holiday gifts and planning

Creating little gift guides can boost the traffic as well as SEO campaign for your website greatly and in the most efficient manner. It is particularly good for the google bots because it includes some of the things that people usually google. For example Gifts for my boyfriend this holiday or gifts for a girl etc. Also, this can help you include a wide variety of generic items ranging from small gift items to big ones. Therefore these guides could do wonders for your website traffic. Moreover, you can use it as an opportunity for an effective SEO to link them towards some of your own products and blogs on your websites. This will help you boost your ranking immensely. These little guides can be molded according to the season and used for the optimum benefit of your website.


In the age of smartphones when everyone owns one, it is very important that your website is smartphone-friendly. According to the recent statistics, as many as 50% of customers do their shopping on e-commerce website on their mobile phones. Therefore, it is a pre-requisite to increase the traffic of Ecommerce website, that it is compatible with all kinds of smartphones. Therefore, long before the weekends or the holiday season ensure that your mobile stores are fully equipped to deal with the holiday rush. Believe it or not, you will also see an increase in the traffic on your website if you have an efficient mobile version.


The above mentioned four tips are the sure shot (Basics) means for your to increase the traffic of Ecommerce website on weekend. Your foremost aim should be to increase your websites search on Google and SEOs are the best means to do it. Also, keeping the above-mentioned things in mind can enhance the user experience and thus, the traffic on your website in a generous way.

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