If You Have WordPress Website, Then These Important 21 Plugins You Must Install

If You Have WordPress Website, Then These Important 21 Plugins You Must Install

As WordPress provides lots of functionalities & comfortability, but there are yet lots of features are missing from the theme. The proper way to complete the needful is to install the proper plugins.

Below mentioned are some free & pro plugins that your site should have, these plugins can facilitate from better to best.


With the help of this plugin, you can scan the website & it provides you a synopsis of your website. You can observe the complete score of your website’s speed, then solve the problems in a few minutes.


Defender finds your website for susceptibilities & convey your in case somewhere found so that you can heal them in few seconds. Therefore installing can also enable your clean your website, in case the website is been hacked. 


Jetpack provides robust functionalities for your website. Increases the security, boosts the performance. Lots of content tools & and audience engagements functionalities will come under this plugin

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is made to boost the page speed for WordPress website, that will surely improve the entire experience of the visitors.

This enables the server by increasing its performance by mitigating downloading times. By improving the sites loading speed, the entire site performance flourishes which facilitate your website ranking in the searches.


This plugin facilitates to filter any comments on your blogs which are unprofessional. This plugin check comments automatically.

Google XML Sitemaps

With a sitemap, search engine spiders can observe the structure of your website & reload the results perfectly

Search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing will get notification frequently when you publish a post about your new article.

Google Analytics +

Google analytics it the best tool for this stuff & this plugin provides the information straight away to your admin dashboard.

Contact Form 7

With the help of this plugin, multiple contact forms can be created. Extra coding is not required with this plugin because the form  & contents of mail can be flexibly customized from the settings.

iThemes Security

This plugin enables to solve the issues of common holes in your site from automated hacks. Lots of administrators of WordPress usually unaware of these kinds of holes, this plugin helps you out.

Ultimate Branding

You can fully customize the login page, footer, admin bar, dashboard wherever logo & brand name appears.  You can also add your branding to extra places without the help of code.

Appointments +

In case your company requires to schedule appointments or meetings, the planner & pen or pencil is not enough.  It is much easier to schedule your meetings digitally & this plugin can conveniently handle this.


The snapshot can backup your website, with this you can also save your content to other location as well like Google Drive, Dropbox, in your desktop etc.

Pro Sites

It is a robust plugin that has been developed & used to help the subscriptions, membership. This one you can also use to make a network of websites which pro upgrades for blogs & corporate websites.

MarketPresse Commerce

It provides your clients with an elegant experience along with incorporating to your website & its current styles. It also helps to maintain your inventory, sales, shipping requirements.


You can give paid or free memberships, existing content over time, provide free trails, customize the login form or secure anything on your website from articles to plugins.


Do you have plans to shift your entire website from one location to another, then this plugin is advised to you which can take a backup, duplicate shift your website.

WP Smush Pro

WP Smush Pro is known for the image compression, along with this it helps to save the storage space & increases your website speed without mitigating the quality of the images.

BJ Lazy Load

It helps your website loading speed save the bandwidth. By changing the images of your website with a placeholder, BJ Lazy load takes the content as it becomes closer in entering the browser screen when the people scroll the page


You put lots of efforts to create quality content to attract the audience to your website, but are you grabbing them is the question? White hat SEO techniques can help, but you can go faster with the help of Smart Crawl.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

This plugin can exhibit a list of posts which are related to the present post. This functionality gives a good opportunity for site visitors to look at the quality content.

Optimize Database

It coups the database that you don’t require, you can select specifically what you require to eliminate so that you should not delete the data which is important for you.

Therefore, these are them some plugins which you should install. What are your thoughts on this blog please mention on the below comment section.

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