SEO Strategies for 2019

SEO Strategies for 2019

SEO Tactics!

At frequent intervals, Google changes its algorithm and therefore it’s said by lots of SEO specialist that the techniques usually work in the past are not working at all. But in fact, there are some SEO techniques that still work & followed by lots of people.

Let’s study some of these strategies and also understand  more about the Upcoming tactics:

  • Improve your content every day, even if you are simply making small changes, but regularly engaging your content will surely have a good result on your website ranking in the searches
  • Take your keywords study to the next level and instead simply seeking for keywords suggestions you can observe what audience were wants prior and subsequent a specific event. This enables to understand the behavior of your target customer & updating your content to give related results.
  • Another helpful SEO strategy is “SKYCRAPING”, you initiate by studying for famous latest topics that are currently running online and take minimum 6 among them and see for new and different ways to create appealing content that shares the similar message but with a less added information and this you must make more useful & informative for your target customer.
  • Then you can publish your updated content on your website which has already linked with similar content in the past and therefore gets a backlink.
  • Optical content is that thing which has worked in the past and also works today’s date & surely continues to work in the future. Infographics especially execute will & performed efficiently to some best websites.

To create Infographics, you can go to Buzzsumo and seek for famous blogs and information related to your niche and get it designed by a designer or by yourself and there are a number of websites out there that enables you to create attractive optical content in free of cost.

Webmaster tool can also prove to be useful to the ranking of your website in the Google, You can examine for the top ranking pages of your site and observe for related keywords that you are ranking for & update your content as per that. In case you think to investigate further, you will see more & more keywords from advice that are related to you and implement them on your website & observe your site’s ranking boosts in the searches.

Hence, these were some of the SEO Strategies that people think they worked in the past and that is 100% wrong.

These tricks will surely work in today’s digital scenario, but what about the future SEO, will that only be limited to keywords.

Well, some experts think differently! In today’s day and age, where everything is getting automated, and where people are ditching the old methods of searching and are drifting towards new ways, for example, Alexa. Experts predict that the future of

Some professionals think differently, in the current scenario, where most of the things are getting automated & where audiences are discarding the outdated kinds of searching  & moving towards a latest and modern way for e.g. Alexa, Moz, Influencer Marketing etc.

SEO will rise from old text-based search to Google voice search. The audience today prefer inquiring their queries to an Artificial Intelligence assistant instead of searching them in the Google search. Therefore SEO may arise from Keywords based on semantic based, Today, what exactly it means.

Google is always looking for different to provide the correct results to the visitors, that means Google is now attempting to create results depends upon the audience mean when they put a search query instead simply exhibit result based on the keywords.

As it is not sure how long it will take to monetize the results in the searches, but very early visitors will be able to book an Uber or a hotel by just giving orders in Alexa. Hence retaining the growth of Voice based search in mind, it might be a better time to initiate providing time, money and effort in developing more audio-based content like podcasts and audio files.

You can find some SEO hacks that will definitely help in increasing traffic to the website.

You may all have heard the phrase ‘Make the most of what you already have’, it is applicable in every stage of life, but how does it match for your next SEO plan?

With respect to SEO, instead of concentrating on writing new content that consumes time & money, updating the content that you have already written, means rewriting and adding paragraphs to your old posts and re-publishing them can another time provide you the good ranking and therefore more traffic.

And you should be careful about the kind of your content, shortening average content may not help in increasing your site traffic.

Therefore, to get a good search ranking, one should be confirmed about the grammar of your content. When shortening and reducing your site’s content one needs to study the website, the URLs, important keywords and traffic on every page.

You can discard some posts or integrate the posts that have the same kind of content & are already competing with each other, this will remove all the misunderstanding  Google has on ranking your posts with the similar kind of the keywords.

One more useful strategy to increase the ranking of your website by working on your site’s URLs. It has seen that having URLs targeted to a particular niche or title has an adverse effect on the ranking, this is due to search engines, associates URLs with the article name to that particular topic only and hence your article will not get ranking when generic query related to your search in the search engines.

You will have more advantage if you avoid certain topic names, numbers & dates in your URL. Together making the URL more generic one must also 301 redirects the old one to  the new ones and be confirmed that  you modify all the links to the new URL at the time of re-posting your old content

Increasing website speed also has an indirect effect on your website ranking in the searches, as in the conclusion it is all about building a loyal traffic & the user experience.

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