My website is not Ranking in SERP

My website is not Ranking in SERP

By making sure that your website reaches the top of the SERPs, you can certainly improve your brand’s overall exposure, secure your position as a major industry authority as well as obtain the level of ROI that you would ideally like to have.

So why is your website not yet having the best ranking?

That is the ultimate million-dollar question which every company needs to ask itself at some point or the other. However, there is hardly any million-dollar answer for it.

In any case, there is not any single million-dollar solution for such a query.

There can be a number of reasons for which your business website might be finding it challenging to get to the top. Hence if you feel like you have been struggling to get to the top for quite some time without any proper results, it is important that you consider these following possibilities:

Your keyword might not signify what you believe it should

Here is an outline of our overall experience with the word “SEO.”

The “SEO” keyword is very important for us and we also discussed this in our blog when we were exploring ways to boost traffic rates more than 200%. However, at one point of time, we could not even find our homepage for that specific term. While we did not make any changes to the page that would eventually result in losing its rankings, our page rankings were simply gone one fine morning.

Therefore we started looking through the environment of the SERPs for that word and we found that our site was getting ranked on the 2nd page for quite a long time. Only occasionally did we ever been able to secure #10 on the search engine result pages which eventually got vanished after some point of time.

However, our blog page didn’t.

What happened was that when you look at the first page of SERPs, you can find that Google actually does not believe that people who are searching for “SEO” are trying to find a company for optimizing their website.

Instead, they are really trying to present with as much information as possible about what is SEO or how the whole process works.

Therefore almost all the results on first page of the SERPs offer a comprehensive guide to SEO, explaining what SEO is as well as delves on the subject whether the users need them or not. Such results however do not include the paid results.

Google itself is covering at least two major spots on first page.

Therefore we had the opinion for some time that we just could not rank our site’s homepage on first page anymore. Our site does not represent the most relevant answer to what Google considers to be right for the search query of “SEO”.

However, just to show us that we are wrong, Google started ranking our site’s homepage once again. Currently we are the only SEO agency site whose website ranks on first page.

The whole point to this thing is that while you may try to rank your website page for some specific keyword, it may not provide you with the desired results even though you are putting forth your best SEO efforts. The reason behind that is the word that you are trying to do the SEO for many have a different meaning to Google than what it means to you.

Simply take a closer view of the first page results to find out if the search results Google is showing are different from what you have in mind.

Google may have ascribed your website to the penalty box

A Manual Action penalty issued by Google can remove your website completely from the Google search results.

If your site has ranked really well previously and then suddenly dropped significantly in rankings (if not already out of Google rankings completely), you may be a victim of being penalized by Google.

In such cases, the best thing that you can do to see what is wrong is check Google Manual Actions report and then start rectifying the issues.

Even if you have got only one of such reports, it shows that a human reviewer had gone through your website and determined that it is not compliant with the guidelines presented by Google.

So what can lead to a Manual Action? Google says that you can be penalized for any one of the issues found by the reviewer:

  • A hacked site; some foreign agent has uploaded malicious and hidden content in your site
  • User-generated spam; spam comments can be posted on blogs orforums
  • Spammyfreehosts; a large part of the pages that are hosted are spammy
  • Spammy structured markup; the markup on the pages are outside the guidelines, for instance making certain content elements invisible to the users
  • Unnatural and unfounded links to your website; if your website has plenty of links that are deceptive, artificial, or manipulative (such as those obtained from link schemes or purchased links), you can be penalized for them
  • Unnatural and unfounded links from your site; these are unnatural, deceptive links that originate in your site
  • Thin content that has little to no added value; it is important that your pages offer real value to your users
  • Sneaky or cloaking redirects that show different pages to the visitors and to Google
  • Pure Spam; it includes a lot of the stuff that are already mentioned, only much more overt andaggressive
  • Cloaked images; this involves manipulative use of various images that are meant to obtain more clicks
  • Keyword stuffing and hidden text; these are old black hat SEO techniques and they still pose enough of an issue for Google

While your website may have a great look, its beauty is simply skin deep

So you have paid sufficiently to get a well-designed website with a modern and stylish look. Each and everything about your site looks great. In fact, you even check out your website regularly just to cherish and appreciate the overall design a little bit more.

So why doesnot Google love your website the way you tend to do?

It is quite possible that your design might look quite good but it does not have the right kind of SEO elements.

There can be a wide range of things that is holding you back, such as:

  • Insufficient content
  • Duplicate content
  • Confusing navigation
  • Old, stale, untouched content
  • Incomplete basics, like schema markup, meta-tags and alt tags
  • Absence of blogs or any other way for refreshing your content continually
  • Split keyword focus, which means that there can be multiple pages which are ranked for a specific keyword
  • You are yet to give it sufficient time
  • According to the following Google Webmaster video, it is very important to hold on to your patience when you are looking to get the results of your SEO efforts.
  • SEO is not some kind of overnight process that can deliver you instant results and it is one of the first things that you should understand about search engine optimization.
  • Any SEO campaign involves a lot of crucial tasks that are needed to be performed and it is also important that they are performed in the right order. There is no point in creating hundreds of links if all of them redirect to a website which is not at all able to convert them into traffic.
  • Hence it takes a lot of time to do the research, come up with a strategy, implement it and then begin to produce the relevant content.
  • It then also takes additional time for Google for realizing the changes that have been made. Eventually a time is going to come when the search engine can detect whether you are creating value for your target users with your content and SEO strategies. Based on that, the search engine can get you the ranking that you have always been looking for.
  • While we have linked this video presented above before as well, we surely prefer to offer evidence for our claims whenever possible.
  • In this video, she says that usually it takes anywhere between four months and a year for the improvements to be first implemented after which it starts to produce results.
  • In other words, you need sufficient time before your SEO efforts can produce the desired results. While it may seem hard, true SEO needs a lot of patience before it can be beneficial.
  • Get a free website report in order to find out how your website is performing.

  You have gone largely unnoticed by the internet

Links are widely considered to be one of the most important things in the world of SEO. While there are literally millions of ways to obtain links, not all such links are really worth having. Some of the links can even be detrimental for your SEO campaigns.

It is important that you develop a nice portfolio of links obtained from various sources. While some should be simply no-follow, others should be from high quality sites and some should be from normal sites.

You should never buy links for your SEO campaigns. Make sure that you steer clear of link schemes as well. Additionally it is also necessary to find great natural ways to obtain increasing numbers of good links and stay away from links that can raise red flags for Google.

Links can however pose as problem in other ways, too.

For instance:

You are using your website as if it exists within a vacuum

You have to keep in mind that SEO cannot exist within a vacuum. In fact, it works alongside other digital marketing efforts such as content marketing, PPC, social media as well as other online endeavors.

Get your social media checklist and discover new social opportunities.|

We are not simply trying to offer you some of our other services. Over the years, online marketing has developed into a comprehensive and holistic strategy that covers all the business needs of a brand.

Elements such as number of click-throughs, time on site, number of mentions all over the internet as well as engagement on the social media are some of the things that can impact your rankings.

While it is true that some of these elements affect your online rankings more indirectly compared to others, all of them play a very important role.

Google evaluates more signals than only those that you are putting forth on your website.

Although we do not suggest that making regular posts on FaceBook will ensure you better rankings, it is still important that you build a strong community of followers through social media as it can help you to have more people visit your site, read your content and click through your links.

Such things can automatically lead to better rankings for your site.

These days, some of the most common factors that adversely impact your website’s ranking are probably:

Your Competition websites are performing better than you

You are not carrying out SEO campaigns in a vacuum.

Search engine optimization techniques are no longer some secret that your competition websites have never heard of. In fact, it is a very important aspect of modern marketing, so for every link that you are not building, or every blog which you are not publishing, you can be sure of the fact that your competition is doing so.

So in case you start thinking that you really do not need SEO or that your website has already had a lot of SEO, then you can be sure of the fact that there are many other websites waiting for the opportunity to show you the way how SEO should really be done.

So if you have been dabbling with SEO for quite some time, you can start noticing improvements in your website’s search engine rankings. Nevertheless, the simple truth is that companies that have invested more time and energy in SEO than you are definitely going to enjoy better results than you.

Keep in mind that when you are starting to do SEO, you are not fighting your way up against Google. You are trying to prove your worth against your regular competition. Both you and your competition are trying to find that niche market within a very small and limited space. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that you make the best use of SEO.

You have been unfortunately noticed by wrong section of the web

Some people can start using certain forms of unethical measures on your website.

These people do not really need any reason to perform such malicious acts. All the need to do is choose your website and inject malicious codes in it. They may even scrape your blog or article and republish all the content present in it. They can also start developing hundreds of links to your website from various questionable websites.

Google can very easily spot negative SEO attacks. However, you should not want to risk penalties that can result from such negative SEO attacks. Therefore it is necessary that you stay on guard at all times.

This actually brings us to the next entry:

Even little changes can actually make a huge difference

While you might be thinking that SEO is a lengthy process and you have to climb a lot in order to reach the top of the SERPs, it is all the more necessary that you put in the effort to do so. Do not get deterred from your goal thinking that you will have to wait for an indefinite time to get the results that you have always wanted.

In fact, it is even more of a big reason to get immediately started with your SEO campaigns. You can start by making certain small and simple alterations to your website prior to actually contemplating whether you should get a professional SEO agency to optimize your website or go for an in-house SEO team.

If you are still not ranking yet, just give it a bit more time.


You may even want to dive into some serious remodeling of your website.

In any way, evaluate your current situation; find the areas you need to work on; start small and make the important changes that you can.

You can get really surprised as to how they can help.

SEO does not prevail in a vacuum. You can download this SEO eBook to see how the components discussed above perfectly fit together to assist you in boosting your rankings.

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