Top 5 Effective Modern SEO Practices Guarantee Success

Top 5 Effective Modern SEO Practices Guarantee Success

The Modern SEO Practices

Modern SEO Practices, it is redefining things. Practices that were effective in the past aren’t anymore. Whatever you ignored then is important now. Today, websites aren’t being optimized for search engines, but for users. Simply put, the user experience is everything, nowadays.

Occasionally, Google initiates new rules tailored at improving the quality of search results. As a digital marketer, blogger, business owner, or SEO expert, you must be in tune with these changes. You must enhance your SEO practices in tandem with the constantly changing environment.

Basically, modern SEO practices dictate that you must make your website more user-friendly.

The top 5 Modern SEO Practices that help you to achieve the goal

1: There’s more to a Mobile Friendly Responsive Website

One of the changes initiated by Google is the fact that they added mobile friendliness as one of their ranking factors in their algorithms. Today’s users are mobile oriented. They’re utilizing their mobile devices to engage in social media, shop online searches on Google etc. The huge changes might lead to the conclusion that a mobile friendly website is the only thing you need. While it might be an excellent step in the right direction, there is more to it.

modern seo practices - mobile growth graph

You can employ a number of other strategies in addition to making your site mobile responsive. For instance, you can hide unnecessary desktop elements such as huge images or footers that aren’t important to show on mobile.

2: Local SEO Optimization Is Magical

Modern SEO practices dictate that local SEO shouldn’t be underestimated at all costs. You must cater for searches with a location in their search queries. For instance, web visitors must discover the opening hours, directions, contact details etc to your local online store. They must find the things you offer online whenever they conduct a local online search in the search engines. Also, you can refer if are planning to hire any local SEO Company in your city.

3: Excellent SEO Tools are Mandatory

Digital marketers or SEO experts have to monitor and analyze a lot of information on a daily basis. For instance, these professionals must observe metrics such as social media results, incoming links, ranking positions, traffic levels. To do this successfully, having good SEO tools is mandatory.

While a number of SEO tools are available in the market today to help you manage this situation effectively, it is paramount that you settle for nothing short of the best.

Here are some of the most effective ones:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Bing Webmaster tools
  • Feedly
  • Google keyword tool
  • Also, you can refer our post on the best 9 Keyword Research Tools.

4: ‘Relationship Building’ is replacing ‘Link Building’

Initially, SEO was associated strongly with link building. While there is more to getting links, they still remain important in Google’s ranking algorithm. Nonetheless, things have changed drastically.

For starters, the term ‘relationship building’ is gradually replacing ‘link building.’ What does this mean? It simply means that today, you don’t connect with other websites in order to obtain a link or links that point to your site. You do so in order to establish a solid business relationship with them.

modern seo practices - relationship building

Anytime you extend an olive branch to other folks, either through social media or email marketing, you do so with the intention of presenting your case and/or explaining to them exactly how your content can be of help in improving the experience of their user.

5: You Can’t Do Away With Structured Data

Every day, search engines must put up with tons and tons of data. The zillions of data come in an array of formats. For the search engines to understand the volumes of information from the billions of websites, they agree on a set of schemas.

So what’s a schema? It’s a strategy to describe content available on a page in a structured way. This technical task entails adding code pieces in a page’s HTML. In the end, a page becomes more readable in the search engines.

Today, Google uses schemas for their AdWords extensions, AdWords shopping campaigns, rich search results’ snippets, and knowledge graph.

How do you employ all these in your modern SEO practice? You must use all the existing schemes that are appropriate to your website in order to enjoy more exposure in the search engines.


Every modern SEO should employ the above 5 practices if he or she is to emerge tops in today’s stiff competition. Of course, this does not mean that other SEO tips aren’t valid. They are. However, these ones can surely make a huge different in the current dispensation.

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