Building High-Quality Backlinks for your website even when you are hardly known

Building High-Quality Backlinks for your website even when you are hardly known

Backlinks are one of the most powerful SEO tools that you can ever use. They can improve the overall quality of your SEO campaigns and help you to bring traffic to your business website. Therefore in order to fully benefit from using them, you need to come up with a highly effective backlinking strategy. However, backlinking typically works best when your business and brand is well known in the market. So if your company or brand is not well known, people are least likely to link to your website or your business.

If you do some research about backlinking, you will find that the average number of backlinks that you need to secure your position on the very first page of the Google results is also quite high and can make professional marketers totally give up the quest. In fact, statistics indicate that even websites in the 9th and 10th positions do have more than 30,000 backlinks on an average. The relationship between the linking domains and the SERP rankings also point to a similar story. So if you think that it is going to take you many years to build an effective market position, your assumption cannot be more right. However, that does not actually mean that you cannot begin with your unknown brand name and website and work your way up into the ladder of success.

You do not need to be a well known brand in order to obtain backlinks even though that is something that most of the online articles are going to tell you. There are actually many different methods that you can use for building backlinks, and you do not have to attain celebrity status to use them. However, before we actually start having a look at the various ways that can be used for building backlinks, we should learn the difference between high-quality backlinks and low-quality backlinks and why we should always stick to the former.

Why you should always focus on using high-quality backlinks

Although you might be tempted to make use of black hat SEO strategies for building backlinks to your website, you should actively stay away from them as they can cause permanent or irrecoverable damage to your brand and website. These SEO strategies are mainly unethical, risky, and they do not actually help your online rankings. The black hat SEO strategies typically link your business website to numerous other sites that are basically spam, completely inactive or low-quality domain. However, the problem is that using too many of low-quality backlinks can hurt the rankings of your website.

Black hat SEO methods are basically meant to trick search engines into present your site and its content with better rankings than they actually deserve. Although you might actually get away with such practices for a while, your site will be heavily penalized once the search engines discover what you are up to. You will lose your rankings in a major way and won’t even have the opportunity to move your back up which can seriously impact your business in a negative way.

On the other hand, white hat SEO focuses on building backlinks and improved rankings through trusted websites that have high domain authority. This is good as Google considers the authority of the domain, the external link anchored text as well as the strength of the external links when it comes to deciding on the rankings of a website.

Therefore while it might seem tempting to create backlinks through black hat SEO practices, it is actually much less risky and far better to take your time and build them through high-quality websites.

While it can take you some time to build domain authority, it will eventually help you to prevent ruining the rankings of your website.

Now let’s have a look at the eight different ways that you can use for building high-quality backlinks even if you are just a startup and no one really knows your name.

  • Leveraging public relations


One of the best ways to come up with white hat SEO backlinks is by building relationships.

By building longstanding and effective relationships, you can easily generate the finest high-quality backlinks for your website.

The reason for this is that when people have no idea about who you are or what your business is all about, they are least likely to link to your business website.

Therefore while public relations or PR work is not going to increase your rankings immediately, it will definitely create the groundwork for future success. Hence leveraging your public relations strategy is probably going to be the most important step for your backlinking campaign.

An excellent way to work on building relationships to establish yourself as an eminent expert within your industry will be to create an active presence on social media.

When you are looking to establish your presence in the social media, there are a number of steps that you must follow. Here are some guidelines to effectively present your business in social media.

  • Make sure that your posts and presentation do not feel bland and boring. You should insert the personality and image of your brand in social media and establish a unique image.
  • You should also be open, honest and transparent in your presentation. This will help your audience to connect with you.
  • Keep your language precise and to the point instead of using too much of fluffy language. Your content should be relatable to your audience.

When you use social media in the right way, you can have plenty of opportunities to meet other names within your industry. You can also encourage them to be a part of your backlinking strategy, create guest blogs for them and collaborate on a video call. These methods will help you to create longstanding relations with these companies.

With guest blogging, you can easily have access to backlinks and when others ask you to present your opinion on some topic you can present yourself as an expert. You can also make use of social media for building your email list. When you have a large email list, it can help you to secure more relationships and greater opportunities for having backlinks. There are plenty of online sources that can help you when you are looking to host an email list. Most of these service providers offer free services up to a certain point. You may ask what email lists, social media and connection building have to really do with the process of backlinking. The fact is that building relationships is the fastest and most effective way for building backlinks.

Therefore the more number of people you are able to engage with consistently on email lists and social media, the greater are your opportunities to secure backlinks for your website.

  • Come up with competitive content

When you are looking to generate backlinks for your site, you should definitely focus on coming up with great content.

Unless you have great content that is worth linking to, nobody is going to link themselves with you.

Writers always look to use examples from content or images that are interesting and compelling. Therefore when websites present with content that is overly simplistic, dull, familiar or wordy, no one really cares to create with it since it has very poor SEO value. Due to this reason, you must focus on creating great content if you are looking to get the best backlinks.

In order to get backlinks for your business, you must write content which is of high quality and is better than most other content prevalent in your industry.

Here are some ways in which you can get the measure of the competition.

Type some topic or keyword that you want to do research or target for on Google.

Ignore all the paid results and create new tabs for the organic results presented on first page.

Browse through each of the articles and have a look at the following different factors.

  • How many pictures or images does a blog post have?
  • What is the average word count of these blog posts?
  • What are the titles of the blog posts?
  • What kind of image is featured with the blog?
  • What is the meta description and title tag?

Then, make use of these tactics when you are creating your own articles.

  • Make sure that you include more images in your blog posts as that can help you in your SEO goals. Having more images than your competition can only enhance your online position.
  • You can also have higher word count for your blog posts as it can help you in SEO.
  • Come up with a highly compelling title for your blog or article.
  • Use a highly interesting featured image.
  • Write a meta description and title tag that is not only more focused but also target oriented.

Basically your goal should be to get a feel of the competition and study various factors in order to come up with a better SEO strategy.

Once you have successfully created great content, do not simply publish it on your own website but also in other notable sites as well. For instance, you can publish it on Medium as it can provide you with excellent backlinking potential and give it greater reach. Since you have come up with highly reliable and good quality resource for some specific topic, other sites will also come forward to link with your content.

  • Come up with an original study

When you do an original study, it can provide you with excellent means to come up with content that generate backlinks.

When you have data or information that is unique and one of a kind, it counts as a rich and valuable resource.

When other content creators and writers want to go through and reference your unique study, they need to link your site as its source.

This will naturally provide you with the backlinks that you are looking for. Nevertheless, while this strategy is surely a great way to obtain backlinks, working on your own study can seem like a really massive volume of work. This is especially true since you are no researcher or scientist.

So if you are looking to run a survey, Google Forms can help you with your needs.

You can use Google Forms to do research and take opinions from a myriad of sources. All you have to do is get a link for your forms and send it to anyone looking to take the survey. It is a very simple method for creating an original study, gather your own data and statistics, publish it and generate backlinks.

When you are the one with the original data, people who use the information presented by you will naturally have to link your site.

  • Create an infographic


Statistics show that people really love infographics.

Infographics are visual, interesting to learn, easy to scan and readers can conveniently browse through them. This means that content marketers really love to promote and share them.

So if you come up with a unique infographic for your business website which is shared by someone on his site, they will naturally have to link it to your website.

With the help of Venngage, you can create innovative infographics for free or in exchange of a small fee.

After you have created and published your own infographic, it also gives you the ground to connect with various other blogging sites within your niche thereby asking them to share the infographic as long as it is relevant.

Once they do so, you get a backlink for your own website.

  • Create testimonials for various other websites

Writing reviews o testimonials for other services or products within your industry may seem like counterproductive or counterintuitive.

It is quite natural that you do not want to boost their market strength to rob you off your clients and customers.

However, posting testimonials might actually be an excellent way to enhance your SEO strength and backlinking strategy.

This is so because when you post testimonials, it is going to present an option for a backlink.

In fact, this is a simple and effective method to generate backlinks.

Although it might initially feel like you are assisting other business owners to come up with leads and conversions for their own enterprise, you are actually improving the rankings of your own website.

Therefore it is really worth for you to create a testimonial or review for some other business owner.

  • Link externally and reach out

You may ask yourself why you would devote your time linking other business’ websites. After all, your goal should be to help your own SEO goals and not those of others. It may seem that providing other’s websites with backlinks is counterproductive.

However, consider this scenario for a moment.

You create backlinks for the content presented in another website and tell them that you loved their content so much that you shared and promoted it on your business website. This will help you to create a great business relationship that is not only mutually rewarding but also one that promotes brand awareness.

Since you are providing them with a backlink today, it is not totally unlikely that someday in the future they will provide you with a backlink.

You can work on their backlinks and also write to them personally to compliment their work. It can help you to establish a strong rewarding relationship which in turn can provide you with the backlinks you want.

Basically you will have to create backlinks for other businesses in some cases before they can start backlinking for you.

  • Comment on some of the other relevant and important blog posts

Another excellent way to work on building relationships which can generate backlinks is to comment on pieces of content created by others.

However, before you start commenting passionately on blog posts created by others and promoting backlinks for them, you need to keep certain things in mind.

Although you can occasionally include a backlink here and there in a tactful manner, you need to keep in mind that the comment is meant to develop a mutually rewarding relationship with the creator of the content.

A good way to achieve this goal is to flatter the author of the blog post. You can also write a positive comment about the content itself, which appears to be thoughtful and insightful. Another way to go about this is to present with your own analytical commentary about the blog post which is sure to generate a response from the creator of the blog post. Make sure that your comment is simple and not extravagant. It should be relevant to the content and believable. The comment that you offer should be insightful for the topic and effectively compliments the author. This is the best way to form a rewarding professional relationship that can generate backlinks for your business.

  • Align social signals


So if you are seriously looking to develop your backlinking strategy so that you can rise through the ranks, you must focus on aligning social signals.

Social signals relate to the search engines and inform them regarding how updated and active your website is. The more active and updated your website is, the better are your chances of getting good rankings.

While you do not need to remain updated and active on all the social platforms, the truth is that having more number of updated social media profiles can certainly help you in your SEO goals.

If you feel that you do not have sufficient time to improve all the social platforms, make sure that you do the ones that matter the most for your business.

It is always better to select a few social media profiles that you can effectively manage instead of spreading yourself thin with too many social media profiles that you cannot regulate.

Building social signals should be the basis of your backlinking strategy no matter which social media profiles you choose to work with.

Simply make sure that you post at least once per day on all the social platforms that you have chosen for your business.

Check to ensure that the information that you present on the social profiles perfectly matches with the ones that you post in your own website.

For instance, things like company name, phone number and address must be perfectly aligned so that they are communicated to the search engines. This will help to ensure that your business website is perfectly up to date.

It is a simple yet effective method to build online rankings with little extra work.

The strategy works most effectively when you are not so well known but still want to generate backlinks.


It is understandable that you want to have backlinks even if no one knows about you or your business.

In such cases, you can make use of the strategies described above to generate backlinks for your website. These eight ways are namely: writing competitive content, leveraging public relations, doing an original study, writing testimonials, creating an infographic, linking externally and letting other websites know about it, aligning your social signals and commenting on the other blog posts.

The main focus of these strategies is to creating backlinks for your business by building rewarding relationships. As no one yet knows about your business, you should build backlinks for your business by directly telling them about it. This will help you to make sure that your SEO strategy is successful and that your company gets the attention that it deserves.

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