SEO Techniques For Beginners to Excel

SEO Techniques For Beginners to Excel

Beginners SEO Techniques to Excel

What we find the worst about the SEO is that it is changing constantly. SEO techniques that were a hit a long time ago might not be of any use today at all. But we have found that there are some SEO techniques that have not evolved much since its primitive days. By knowing such SEO techniques, you can draw traffic to your site more easily.

This article is going to tell you the ways in which you can grow your search engine traffic and sales. We will tell you how you would know the start of all these things. You can start SEO with just a less budget in your hand.

5 Best SEO Techniques for Beginners

1.Long Tail Keyword

It is well known that seventy percent of the search engine traffic comes from long tail keywords. SEO is not very easy as I have experienced this from 6 years of working in this field. There are some people who claim that they can get #1 search result on Google search engine in a month. But I know that it is a white lie. But, there is a tip for you: use long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are the best to place you on a higher rank in search results. These long tail keywords tend to draw more traffic and sales. That is why it is considered to be one of the best SEO techniques.

  • Know what keywords your competitors are using. Look at those keywords and mark them. You will have a rough idea about the keywords which keyword you cannot ignore.
  • Make a list of the questions for your target audience. Analyze them on Google search engine to know about the articles appearing on the web.
  • You should search long tail keywords with a monthly search volume below 2000. In this way, you will find it quite easy to rank better without consuming much time onlink building.

2.On-page Optimization

Again, On-page optimization is an SEO technique that cannot be ignored. It helps you in drawing more visitors to your site.

Actually, it is quite easy to learn. First, you have to know about the right keyword that has been proven to increase your traffic. I have mentioned earlier that keyword research is quite important and if you know your primary keyword, then you can easily optimize your page.

  • Have primary keyword in your mind before writing the content. This primary keyword should be used in meta description and title as well. Yoast SEO plugin (free) can be a great help to you to optimize the blog posts for a specific keyword.
  • Use images. Make sure that you do not forget to add alt tags on each of them. Include primary keywords in any of them.
  • You should link relevant sources in your content. Let the people know and they will gladly publicize it if they like the content.
  • Primary keyword should be used in heading, subheadings such as H2 and H3 tags, URL and all throughout the content. If you find difficult, Hire an SEO Consultant for more task.

3.Long Form of Content

There are 2 million blogs that are published every day. There are some ways that you can leave all these blogs behind in terms of ranking. It is not possible to get the best ranking by writing an article with words less than 500. So, you should have a long article if you want to boost up the ranking. It is quite common that the search result on the top 5 will have words exceeding 2000 words. We always see that it has detailed and valuable content in it. So, make sure that you have an article of more than 1500 words. So, it is another one of renowned SEO techniques.  Here are some ways to write more than 1500 words.

  • Your contents should be extensively researched. Make notes from the very first page of the Google search result.
  • When you read more, you get more ideas in your mind. More ideas imply more words to follow for your article.
  • Give your article sometime. Utilize 3 to 5 hours for an article with more than 1500 words. Your practice will make it easier in the long run.
  • Outline your post after the research. Use subheadings.

4.Competitor research

Competition is a must watch if you want to get better results. This SEO technique increases your traffic as well as sales. Find out the keywords that they are using. Use keywords that are performing the best for your competitor. It will help you in following ways:

  • Helps you find the best ideas for your content
  • It boosts the sales and traffic
  • You can find unlimited backlink opportunity
  • Increases social share

You should have a ready list of the product your competitor is promoting. By studying their content, you can take measures against the wrong things they have done in their post. You should know the broken links of your competitors. Use tools such as SEMrush for backlink analysis of any site.

5.Website Optimization with SEO Audits

Do not forget to complete the full website audit to find out the flaws in your site.  If you are posting every day but you have failed to increase traffic, then it might be due to SEO related issues. You should find out these issues to grow your search findings. Here are some tips for you:

  • You can do site audit with the help of SEMrush like tools.
  • Pingdom and Google page insights are the best ways to find the web page speed. Make sure that you know about it.
  • Your site should be mobile supported. Use WPTouch (free plugin) to make it mobile browser friendly.
  • Reliable, faster, and secure hosting is always a better option to improve your ranking as your website speed depends a lot on it.

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