10 Important Off Page SEO Techniques to Boost Traffic

10 Important Off Page SEO Techniques to Boost Traffic

Off-Page SEO Techniques

Before we enter into the topic, Off-Page SEO Techniques, I would like to give you a small introduction about SEO and its major components. It will help to understand better for those who still think SEO as an alien technology. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is nothing but optimizing your web pages or website more search engine friendly through certain techniques. These are techniques are two types, one inside the site, On-Page Optimization and another outside the site, Off-Page Optimization. A well-optimized web page or website will get higher rank in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and of course, higher ranking pages will drive more traffic to the sites.

What is the Difference between On-Page and Off-Page SEO

On-Page Optimization is the SEO process which completely takes place inside the site. That means it is totally under control of a webmaster. He can do any changes whenever it is required. On-Page SEO techniques include the optimization of Title, Headlines (H1, H2, H3 & H4), Content, Meta Description, Image and Video Alt..etc.

But Off-page, the meaning itself says, completely on the outside of the website. A webmaster doesn’t have any direct control over Off-Page Optimization. Off-Page SEO techniques are Backlinks Building, Social Media Shares..etc. So Off-Page is always time-consuming too and it doesn’t show immediate results. Here I would like to explore some of the best Off-Page SEO techniques which may improve the ranking of your site in SERP.

10 Best Off-Page SEO Techniques

1.Maximum Social Media Accounts

There are more than 20 major social media networks available in the market. To build an online reputation for your brand or website, social networking is the best and cost effective way. You must open an account with every major social network either in your company name or in your personal name. Also, share your company information, coupons, or articles among these social medias. It will not only expose your company in social medias but also help you to build a brand without costing anything, create an online reputation as well as the presence of your brand among the general public. Also, you must interact with your followers, take reviews and answer them whenever it is required. But join in social media groups within your niche.

2.Main a Blog in Your Site

Blogging is the best way to pass the company information and give product knowledge of your brand. There are tremendous advantages you will get by managing a blog on your website;

  • Educate your customers about your products – pros & cons, comparison, latest news of your brands, latest offers…etc
  • It will help you to grow better by getting reviews and comments from our customers.
  • Search Engine crawler will keep visiting your site since you are updating new contents, it will improve the ranking on SERP.

But remember these points;

  • Write unique contents.
  • The blog must be able to educate your customer about your products well.
  • The blog must be able to solve your customers doubt about your products.
  • Do not write contents for search engines.

3.Comment Marketing

Comment Marketing is a traditional Off-Page SEO Techniques to increase more backlinks. Commenting on other blogs which are related to your niche will help you to improve the ranking on SERP. But do comments on “DoFollow” Blogs. If you comment on NoFollow Blogs, it will not be crawled by Search Engines. Click on the “Sitemap” of that website to understand whether it is NoFollow or DoFollow.

4.Directory Submission

I heard that it is already dead. Fine, but to increase links and drive more traffic, directory submission is one of the best option still now. You can either submit in general directories or in niche directories. I prefer niche directories even though it will take the time to get results.

 5.Link Baiting

Link Baiting is nothing but linking to other’s website for our reader’s reference. The best advantage which we will get from link baiting is when you link to other’s websites, they may link back in future and your web page relevancy will increase. Also, it is the best way to convince your readers that your content is trustworthy since you have the reference of a related post from another website.

6.Photo Sharing

There are certain photo-sharing networks such as Pinterest, Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket..etc. If you have unique photos, which are created by you, please share it on the above networks and also, give a link to your site or web page. It will increase the traffic.

7.Write Business Reviews

There are two ways you can implement in. Either write reviews of your business in RateItAll, StyleFeeder, Shvoong..etc or tell your friends or clients to write reviews about your business. People trust your business or products when you have more positive reviews.

8.Do Local Listing

Instead of going global and facing a tough competition, it is alway easy to target local audience. Do listing in Google Local and Map, Yellow Pages and other important Local listing companies. Google will rank better for your business when you target the local market.

9.Other Off-Page SEO Techniques, But Powerful 

  • Article Submission
  • Video Marketing
  • Answering the Questions on Q&A Sites like Yahoo
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Social Bookmarking


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