Top 5 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017

Top 5 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017

Top 5 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017

Digital Marketing Predictions 2017

A digital marketer must be aware of the trends that are changing with each passing moment. It is necessary for a marketer, especially the one who is engaged in digital marketing to have full knowledge of the future directions as with technological progression in the world digital marketing keeps changing its way.  The year 2016 was an eventful year for the digital marketers. There were many innovations that have taken the marketers to a higher level. The market researchers are keen to discover different ways to improve the digital marketing in the coming year as well. Following some of the researches, one can come up with 5 trends that can be considered as digital marketing predictions 2017.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Predictions 2017

  1. Video Live Streaming

Video marketing has already been popular for past few years. As a matter of fact, it can be said that the YouTube videos and ads are more accepted than the conventional television promotions. 2016 had been a year of YouTube videos and trafficking. But the Digital Marketing Predictions 2017 seems to be changing. Now more of a recorded video streaming for a long time marketers prefer live streaming. Go live anytime and grab as much as the attention you can.

Periscope, Facebook Live and also the YouTube live streaming will help you to make the most out of digital marketing. Facebook events were the old yet effective way of promoting your events. Now with Periscope live Streaming you can go live on Twitter as well. Live streaming helps one to grab more attention from the world than any other videos.

  1. Be Mobile – Friendly Get App for your Business

Most of the people are now depending on Mobile phones rather than their laptops and computers when it comes to using the social networking sites. The sites are well aware of this too. They keep updating the Apps to make it more user-friendly. Now you cannot go and open your laptop for the video call, live streaming or event posting. You can do it straight from your 5” screen sized handy device.

Live streaming like Periscope and Facebook Live is now available on the mobile apps through which marketers can go live anytime from anywhere. Post live events, news, polls and anything that can grab your targeted customers across the globe.

On the other companies and organizations including governmental organizations are going with Mobile Apps to promote their goods and services. If we talk about the conventional marketing strategies then mobile app promotions are definitely a boon for the entrepreneurs.

  1. Content Marketing – 10x – the new SEO mantra

While talking about content marketing it is necessary to consider one important thing that is engagement. Content must be engaging and crisp if it is using for marketing purpose. When we talk about Search Engine Optimization, engagement is a must thing to consider. 10x contents are those that can engage more readers than other contents. Rand Fishkin has discovered this word 10x contents. For example, if a content marketer or blogger has 50 contents in his/her blog not all of them get the same traffic. Let us consider only 15 out of 50 had received an immense number of trafficking. These 15 blogs will be the 10x contents for the blogger. This must be considered in the case of Content Marketing.

  1. Internet of Things

How many devices are you using right now? A mobile phone, a laptop, a smart watch and what not. The number of gadgets means more crave for connectivity. Internet of Thing is the concept that tells you how many devices you can connect to the internet. Think about a situation where a random guy is searching for a specific content on the internet and you have the details. You just prepare a fabulous content and publish it on the podcast. The random guy can have the content in his car music system easily without having much hassle. The only thing he needs to do is connecting the car music system with the internet.

The Same thing can happen if you are using a wearable gadget. It is connected to the internet and you can get your heart rate to blood pressure through it. In 2016 the share of wearable gadgets in digital marketing was 28% which is expected to grow more in the coming year.

  1. Mobile first – Rest can wait

Mobile phones are the gadgets that everyone uses today. Wearable gadgets are rare but not a Smartphone. Your business should be supported by the 5” screen of the Smartphone. The website or the app, everything has to be mobile friendly for the quick response of the targeted consumers. Your business must appear first on the mobile screen. In last few years, a country like America shows a downward trend of using laptops and desktops compare to mobile phones. The Same scenario can be found in other countries as well.


These marketing strategies are to promote your business and services online. Better strategies will bring better trafficking and more customer base. These are the predicted digital marketing strategies for the year 2017.

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