How To Utilize Blogs To Improve The Ranking In Google Search

How To Utilize Blogs To Improve The Ranking In Google Search

In today scenario most of the organizations who have the website, they usually have the blogs also but many of them don’t know the facts that will help through publishing the blogs in the website and that will helps in getting ranking in the search results. By publishing the blog with quality content can give lots of benefits to the website in getting its visibility and brand awareness in the market. Below mentioned some of the ways that help to improve the ranking.

Providing the appealing title for the blog

Marketing expectation to be appealing and should be visible in the crowd. An attractive title can increase the curiosity of the viewer and he will definitely try to click on the link of the website and the same applies to the content marketing.  I really wonder when I visit any website and see that the title of the blog itself is ‘Blog’. So it’s a primary duty of the content writer to write the appealing title that should attract the visitors. So stress a lot on the title before publishing the title on the website.

These are the questions we have to keep in mind before publishing the blog:

What is the overall concept of the blog?

What description would analog your domain?

Whether I have to include SEO keywords in blog title or name?

At last, Visitors whom I am targeting?

Target specific audience for every post

There is no point of writing the blog if you have not decided who is going to be our target audience who are going to visit our website by looking into the title of the website. Being content writer our job is to write the content in such manner as it consists of keywords with proper giving meaning and it should also fulfill the needs of the clients. E.g.  If you are a digital marketing company then should publish a post like updates on the Google algorithms, educating more on advance SEO technique’s and advanced promotions using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. with their new features.

Integrating SEO friendly URL structure

While publishing the blog the URL should be SEO friendly and as per the title so it should be good for both blogger and visitors.

Makes results reporting analysis convenient

I have observed certain websites do not include a different URL syntax ‘blog’ and they keep it in the main page. This actually does the process of finding the complete development of the blog with help of analytics. Therefore it is better to add ‘blog’ in the URL structure to boost reporting analysis.

 User-friendly URL

Its common tendency in every digital marketing expert to add each word in the Meta title as URL. But it looks awkward and not appealing to the visitors.

Suggestions: Avoid using a conjunction like “in” “and” in your URL as Google doesn’t consider for ranking the website.

How non-user-friendly URL looks:

How user-friendly URL looks:

Take benefits of Social Media

There are lots of advantages in sharing your blog on social networks are:

  1. Website ranking may be boosted because of social signals added in ranking factors.
  2. Referral traffic can boost through social networks.
  3. Your official networks page like Facebook, Instagram can be kept active and relevant.

It is always suggestible to share your blogs in the social networks. Try including little title description of your blog along with social fabrics can develop the ranking because of its ranking algorithm.

Conclusion: With this brief information I conclude the blog about How to utilize blogs to improve the ranking in Google search. I hope you like this information, you give your thoughts in the below box.

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